Improve Board Meetings With Portal Software


Even at the best of times, running a productive board meeting requires planning and forethought. But in today’s business world, where getting a board together for a meeting is often only possible by having members participate remotely, ensuring that everyone has access to the same documents and is able to follow along can be surprisingly difficult. It isn’t enough just to make sure members have access to the documents they need: how can a board manager ensure the meeting doesn’t get side-tracked by discussions about which version is most up-to-date, or whether everyone is looking at the same information?


Increasingly, board managers are turning to technological solutions to improve the ease and speed of communications before and during board meetings. While there are many options for document sharing, file dropping, and teleconferencing, many boards are opting for specialized software that is designed specifically to help boards share and discuss sensitive information in a secure but streamlined way way. For example, board meeting solutions from Aprio allow board managers to distribute documents and facilitate annotation in advance so members can come to the meeting equipped to discuss the business at hand.



As any board manager knows, effective communication between members is key to the success of a meeting. At the same time, board members are busy people with a lot of competing demands. For organizations large and small, making it easier for board members to access the information they need is a vital part of ensuring engaged conversations. Board portal software is the easiest and safest way to make sure members receive document packets in a timely fashion, and in a format that allows them to easily digest and interact with the information wherever they might be.


Board portal software also allows board members to enter a secure portal during the meeting itself, guaranteeing that everyone will have access to the same information. According to the business media magazine Fast Company, the key to a successful board meeting is making sure the members spend their time in productive, informed discussions about the important strategic issues the organization is currently dealing with. One of the key reasons for board portal software’s growing popularity is its ability to cut down on distracting digressions about which version of a document is being discussed and where it can be found, which can disrupt and even derail the meeting’s actual purpose.


Effective board meetings are an important part of the health of any organization, whether a for-profit corporation, a credit union, or a Crown corporation. Board meetings are where performance is evaluated, strategy debated, and the future course of the organization charted. It isn’t surprising that for a growing number of board managers, board portal software is the easiest and most intuitive solution to the problem of how to share information in a way that guarantees safety without restricting productivity.