Improve Your Business Website Today With These Four Ideas


It’s impossible to take your business to new heights without an attractive, responsive and SEO optimized website. With plenty of competition, it’s well worth improving and updating your website on a regular basis. To help give your website a revamp today, try taking on this advice.


  1. Improve speed


When your pages load too slowly, this increases bounce rate and loses you conversions. The first thing you should do is to check out Google PageSpeed Insights, here you can check your speeds and get some advice on how to make improvements. You can try things like file compression, asynchronous loading, or reducing your HTTP requests.


  1. User experience


To improve your website it’s vital that you focus on user experience. It’s crucial that your website visitors can easily navigate your site. Your site should look professional and attractive, and there should be a call to action on each page. You can enhance user experience by adding chatbots, and interactive content. To improve your user experience it can be helpful to gather customer feedback, and use these insights to make your site better.


3 . Improve your content


In the digital world it’s not just about creating a great product or service, but about the content you design to represent it. When you’re competing against plenty of similar businesses it’s vital that your content is highly educational, unique, engaging and creative. To help you to improve your content it’s worth checking out the following platforms:


  • Ubersuggest: Using this tool you can gain ideas for your blog posts, helping you to create the content that your audiences want to experience. What’s more, you can gain insights into your competitors strategies, and use these to inform your content.


  • BuzzSumo: With the BuzzSumo tool you can improve your content research, by finding the most popular posts online, based around the right keywords.


  1. Add video


When you add video to your website, there are many benefits to be gained including:


  • Video marketing is proven to boost conversions.
  • Using video on your website can increase dwell time.
  • Video can help you to tell your brand story, and engage your audiences.
  • Audiences tend to retain a message better, when presented with a video (as opposed to text).
  • Entertain your audiences and offer a unique experience.


There are so many ways that you can use video on your site, and don’t forget to share your video content on social media too.


Further tips


When it comes to designing a great website you don’t necessarily have to call in the professionals. Tools like WordPress and Wix make it simple for anyone to create their own website. For example, you might like to take advantage of a page builder tool for WordPress, (such as Beaver Builder or Elementor). With a small amount of online research it’s dead easy to create a DIY website! Don’t forget to ask your site visitors for feedback, with these insights you can make improvements over time.