Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Press Releases


Robust digital marketing strategies usually include blogging, email marketing, social media posts, and content marketing. When discovering how to write a press release for a business, these activities are excellent for building a brand and using SEO to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Years ago, press releases seemed to be a productive activity to add to your content marketing. Press releases work to gain valuable exposure for your business by highlighting your new products and services. Companies would create press releases whenever they had news or new projects to share with the public.

There was a time when press releases lost SEO value and were a waste of time in favor of other more popular online marketing strategies.

Press releases are popular because they provide an easy way to reach your audience with news that will get them interested in your business and products.

Press releases have always been an effecting marketing tool and should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy for many reasons.

It’s Free to Do a Press Release

There are free services available to distribute a press release like PR Log. It’s also free to create your press release and email it to your subscribers. Use a bit of creative content marketing and post it to free websites online like Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr for added exposure.

Also, link back to your original press release when you post to your social media channels and tag your posts. Linking to your press release will help to get your targeted audience reading it and visiting your site.

Optimize Your Press Release for Search

There are ways to optimize your press release for SEO so that you can gain rankings and traffic in search. Add a link to your company’s website in the press release. Consider building backlinks to your press release to give them the added power they need to widen your audience’s views and reach more people.

Build Trust and Reach a Larger Audience

When you make press releases a regular part of your digital marketing strategy, you gain the ability to control the message for your brand and build trust with your audience.

Consumers trust expert content from credible sources when buying products, and more than half read product and service reviews before making a purchase.

If your message connects with your target audience, you have the potential to make a more significant impact with leads and sales that will help your business grow exponentially. You will want to create press releases and make them a permanent part of your digital marketing strategy.