Increase Download Speed


Cloud computing has been revolutionary in allowing users to keep their information in a secure environment which can be retrieved by the user at any time on any of their digital gadgets. One of these technologies is Dropbox that allows others to store their information and data.

In the majority of cases, users expect download speeds to be fast, but too many times with Dropbox, the download speed has been very slow which has caused many users to become frustrated. When you look at the speed of dropbox downloads, many of the users of this technology have stated their complaints on the dropbox forum as well as other websites on the net.

The way people have used dropbox is that they synchronize their files on the dropbox online storage but have noticed the transfer speeds are quite a bit lower when they are compared to the average values. For those that do not need the information quickly can allow dropbox to run in the background until the download has finished. However, if you need your information fast for a meeting or to send to your boss, you will need to find how to increase the download speed or you may be waiting for a long time which may be detrimental if you need a file quickly.

You can change the download speed by configuring your dropbox. All you have to do is to choose the preferences option on the menu of your dropbox and change the bandwidth option. If you have not change the settings before you will see that upload states “limit automatically” and the default for downloads states “don’t limit”. You will need to change the rate so that it is in-between fifty to seventy-five on your own internet’s bandwidth.

However, many have tried to change this setting and still do not achieve fast download speeds. You can find all kinds of tips and tricks to try speed up downloads using dropbox; however, many have tried all the tricks and still do not achieve the fast downloads they expect and cannot stream HD video from such website as Netflix due to this issue.

The first thing you should do if you believe the download speed is not up to par is to find a website that allows you to test the speed of downloads. There are several different websites online that have tools that will provide you with this answer. If you are not achieving the speed you need, then you may have to look for a different cloud computing technology. Dropbox is not the only one on the market and there are several on the market today that are much faster than dropbox.

So, instead of sitting and waiting for your download with your boss breathing down your neck, look for better options for storing your data in the cloud. You may be surprised at the options you have and the faster speeds you will find with downloads, uploads, and transfers of files.