Increasing Your Productivity: 7 Crucial Features Every Real Estate CRM Should Have


If you run a successful real estate business, you should already have integrated a good CRM (customer relationship management) suite into your business. If not, you could be making an error. CRM has come a long way in recent years. If you’re looking for an easy way to manage relationships with your customers and clients, you might need a good CRM platform. Thankfully, there are a few that have been designed specifically for the real estate industry. Let’s have a look at their advantages:

1. A quality lead management system

In real estate, you’re a leads-based business – so you probably already know how important managing these leads can be. The right CRM software will treat leads as your priority and manage your relationships with them robustly. You should be able to categories leads effectively (into sections like partners, agents, buyers, sellers etc). This way you can come up with separate and effective ways to build your business with different clients and customers.

2. Good email platform

You should also know how important an effective email marketing strategy is for a real estate business. That’s another area where the best CRM software can really help. The right platform should be able to streamline your email marketing campaigns and develop new ways to effectively market to your existing email list.

3. Listing management

Creating new listings for your properties used to be difficult, but not with the right CRM software. Now you can automate everything and create multiple detailed property listings that really work for your potential customers. You’ll be able to categories and adapt your lists with ease and attach important documents simply and easily. Create the best listings you can with the help of CRM.

4. Drip email

If you want to set up a super-effective email marketing campaign, you might want to use a drip emailing strategy. With drip emailing, when someone gives you their email address you can set up a funnel of responses that automatically get sent over time and build up brand loyalty with your subscribers. You can start with a simple thank you, and then carefully send them more effective marketing emails over time without being too spammy. The right CRM suite can help you with this.

5. Mobile

It’s common for realtors to be on the move – so the right CRM platform should have full mobile compatibility. Then you can create lists and perform office tasks with ease, no matter where you are at the time.

6. Cross-compatibility

Don’t make all your realtors use the same operating system or device to access the CRM platform. With the right suite, you should have software that’s fully integrated into a number of different systems.

7. Sales process management

The right CRM platform can also take care of a lot of the sales process for you. Simple things like notifying lawyers, sending out letters and other tasks can be taken care of in a streamlined process.