Information Technology: How IT Services Can Improve the Performance of a Business



In businesses today, technology is one necessity that should be put into consideration for a business to prosper. Currently online shopping, digital marketing, social networking, digital communication and cloud computing are the best examples of change which came as a result of informationtechnology. At the moment, one is able to plan properly, market well, manage the business well and have a form of communication with the customers.

If you are wondering how IT services Adelaide and the changes in technology can improve the operations at companies and also the quality of goods that a business or firm produces,then read on.

  • Communication-In businesses today,cell phones are a necessity for staying in touch and responding to customers’inquires on time. With smartphones, one is able to access the Internet, emails and business application using a smallhand held device. By use of textmessages,social media networking and emails,one is able keep small businesses connected to their customers and improve all sorts of communication within the company.
  • Marketing-Technology has made it easy for both small and large scale businesses to market their products. Email marketing is an effective and low-cost method to reach a large group of customers at the same time. Mobile marketing reaches people through text messages, and advertising on mobile applications such as Facebook and instagram. Using Facebook and instagram, one is able to do online marketing and find customers willing to buy products. This also makes it possible for a business to find more potential customers and therefore improve the business.
  • Telecommuting-Colleagues in small scale businesses are able to stay in touch from different locations and when working hours are different, they can keep in touch using email and other mobile computing devices. When in the office, workers can share documents digitally, convey information through presentations and train other staff using video clips to speed up the time taken to train new staff.
  • Teleconferencing-This is the use of telecommunication devices to hold discussions between participants in different locations. Participants can see each other and work together on documents no matter where they are in the world. This is one way that small businesses can extend their reach to include customers and employees from all over the world. The one mostly used is video conferencing, which is cost effective for meetings that do not involve a large number of people. Video conferencing saves a lot of time as there is little movement from one place to another for meetings.
  • CustomerService-Businesses offer online chat to help customers that are visiting the business website and equip call centers with the latest phone equipment that makes customer service agents more efficient. They also provide customers with away to contact the company. Websites have a help center where if one has an issue accessing something, they can search online and find a way to do it.
  • Productivity-Information technology makes sure that remote employees have devices that they can use to access information in a company, making it possible for the business to be more productive.