Innovative Energy and Telecommunication Cables


The market for cables, both electrical and for telecommunications, is constantly active in researching and developing solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of industries and society.

From the increase of the demand to the ever-present focus on sustainability, there are numerous factors influencing the decisions and paths taken by industry leaders to offer their customers more efficient and forward-looking products.

Among the companies that can be proud of their most remarkable achievements in the field of innovative cables is Prysmian. By visiting the company’s official website,, it is possible to discover all the novelties and proposals the company has in store for its customers, designed to meet the demands of all markets, with diversified solutions based on the geographical area of reference.

The development of innovative solutions

To provide innovative solutions, leading companies must take into account all the aspects of the markets they address that may be interested in using cables for energy or telecommunications. The key elements of each sector make it possible, during the research phase, to identify the most efficient and reliable solutions, as well as those that guarantee high safety standards and optimal performance.

Moreover, to keep up with the times, they must equip themselves with state-of-the-art technology and collaborate with the best professionals in the sector.

Prysmian Group, for example, has no fewer than 26 research and development centres, whose main commitment is to create cables that make the passage of information and the supply of electricity not only safer and more reliable, but also sustainable.

Among the company’s medium- and long-term goals are the elimination of lead from cables for submarine infrastructure, the use of organic carbon instead of the typical copper wire, and the development of smart cables capable of detecting problems in a system and communicating them, in real time, to maintenance managers, as to reduce the risk of blackouts and disruptions.

Sustainable cables for future

Today, the concept of innovation is closely linked to that of sustainability for the preservation of the environment, without limiting the activities and development of communities and industries.

For companies engaged in cable production, environmental awareness translates, on the one hand, into the development of products that guarantee greater efficiency in terms of energy, while at the same time reducing emissions of harmful substances, and, on the other hand, into better management of waste from the entire cable life cycle.

Why choose cables born from technological innovation

Those who need cables for power transmission or telecommunication infrastructures can benefit from choosing the most innovative ones. These concern both the actual usage and the related economic aspects.

As far as usage is concerned, the main characteristics are as follows:

  • highest levels of safety, guaranteed by the quality of the materials and the possibility of choosing products that can withstand fire, chemicals and mechanical stress;
  • great efficiency in the passage of electricity, as well as precision and speed in the transmission of data;
  • long lifespan, resulting from the materials chosen and the use of forward-looking technologies.

From an economic point of view, those who choose innovative, high-quality cables can count on lower maintenance costs and the possibility of keeping systems alive for even fairly long periods of time.

Those who turn to leading companies such as Prysmian Group, by relying on the efficient after-sales service capable of limiting waiting times in the event of breakdowns of various kinds, can reduce the risk of suffering losses resulting from the interruption of production or services provided to third parties.