Innovative Organization Wipes Out Medical Debt, Pennies on the Dollar


Craig Antico, who is the co-founder of the organization. RIP Medical Debt, was recently on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  Kevin Price saw that interview and was instantly compelled to get them on the Price of Business show.  “There are few things more devastating financially than a major illness,” Price said.  “In fact, when I worked in the insurance industry years ago, it was well known that roughly half of all healthcare bankruptcies happen to those with insurance.  In spite coverage, people are overwhelmed by deductibles, co-pays, and exemptions.  They need help and this organization does just that,” he went on to say.

Antico made his living for many years collecting debt from those hard hit with medical bills.  He got sick of it and decided to join the other side.  What we find is that it is possible to wipe out debt with pennies on the dollar.  A $1 donation can literally eliminate $10 of medical debt.  $100 eliminates $1,000.  It is amazing how big of an impact a little amount of money can have.