Instagram Influencing Shows No Signs Of Slowing!


What are the trends in influencer marketing? What are the best social networks to do actions with influencers? or how to make successful campaigns with influencers? SocialPubli has presented the “Influencers Study 2019”, a very interesting investigation where they have surveyed more than 2,500 influencers to find out how to create good influencer marketing campaigns. In an increasingly competitive world, brands must develop different strategies to reach all consumers. One of the strategies that make a difference today is influencer marketing. Aside from these facts, we know that billions of us use social media every day.

What is the preferred social network for Influencers?

Instagram is the social network preferred by influencers with 75.9%. Twitter is in the second position with 9.5%, even ahead of Facebook (8.5%) and YouTube (3.9%). They are followed by LinkedIn, TikTok, Blog, Pinterest and Snapchat. The use of social networks will increase, and they will become more and more important for our day to day in all areas. For example, did you know that HR professionals check your social networks before hiring you? According to a study by InfoJobs, Facebook is the network most consulted by companies, followed by LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.


According to the study, these are the ten sectors with the most future for actions with Influencers:


  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • fashion
  • Travels
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • sports
  • Family
  • Video game
  • Culture / Shows


The most important reason for an influencer to work with a brand is that their values ​​are aligned with the brands. The second reason is that it is a relevant product or service for your audience. 99% of respondents believe in the products and services they promote. Finding the right influencer may seem difficult and also time-consuming. Therefore, you should look to the professionals, a brand such as could assist. 


Influencer marketing is a very effective advertising strategy as long as you are clear about your goals, choose the influencers well, know the market and above all know how to measure the results. The ideal way to measure your ROI (return on investment) will depend on your established objective for your campaign with influencers, for example:


  • Increase sales of a product or service
  • Generate leads to increase your contact database for email marketing campaigns
  • Improve your brand branding
  • Get more followers on your social networks


You must establish how you are going to measure the ROI of each action because if you do not measure it, you will not know if the campaign has worked. Before doing an Influencers marketing action, you should take into account the following: their audience, the engagement of their social networks, their type of publications, their communication tone, the brands they have worked with, the sectors they dominate, their values, and their commitment.


There are some drawbacks sometimes, which is why leaving it to a professional agency can assist you. You don’t want a breach of contract (or no contract at all), which may leave you powerless. Ensuring the visibility of content in the face of constant algorithm changes is the first challenge, according to influencers. Second, fraudulent practices and lack of transparency is another. When this is all taken into consideration, you can complete a very profitable business collaboration.