Interview with Chuck Digby – Independent Business Development Director for


Chuck Digby is a valued member and contributor to the business. He is a former business mentor of S.C.O.R.E., former law enforcement servant, and more.

He is a life long resident of Kansas City with a long history in public safety, and disaster recovery and rescue. He is currently a communication Specialist, and proficient in the rescue trades for the Community Emergency Response Task Force for Kansas City Emergency Management/Wyandotte County, Kansas.

His other interests are involved as a free-lance mussion musical antique saw player. As mentioned earlier, he served as a former Public Safety Commissioner for City of Leawood, Kansas, serving 3 terms, is a former member of American Red Cross Heart of America Chapter Disaster Action Team 18 years. He is recovering manslaughter victim and is developing a personal recovery software that he plans to utilize when he joins the Federal S.A.R. in Boone County, Missouri.

Phone. 913.648.2585


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