Interview with Rick Briscoe, Legislative Director for Open Carry Texas – Constitutional Carry




Show host Jeb Bashaw interview Rick Briscoe on Constitutional Carry in America and in Texas.  Get the latest on the pending legislation in Texas.

A growing number of states have passed what is commonly referred to as constitutional carry. Constitutional carry is defined as the right of anyone who can lawfully purchase or own a gun to legally carry that gun without a license. The legislation does not allow anyone that is currently a “prohibited person” from carrying, so felons and others would still be exempted from carrying legally. In essence, constitutional carry would make it possible for someone who completes a lawful gun purchase to immediately holster and carry that gun without waiting on a state-issued license. It also does not abolish the current license to carry that would still be necessary for reciprocity purposes. There are currently 11 such constitutional carry states and an additional 22 states that do not require a license to carry openly, bringing the total of number of states that allow some form of unlicensed carry to 33.

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