Investing In A Franchise: Positive Aspects Of Joining An Already Established Company


A franchise can be an incredible opportunity for a professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. Running a successful franchise is usually associated with fast food chains of some kind. Other healthier fast-food options like Chipotle are not as easy to franchise. The burrito chain requires a person to have worked their way up at a Chipotle location. You cannot simply wave money around to get a franchise as some chains want to ensure they maintain quality. Maintenance of the quality of services/products is of utmost importance to the corporate entity. Below are the positive aspects of joining an established company as a franchisee.

Finding A Niche Of Business Where You Can Thrive

Opening a restaurant franchise is a great example of a risk. The pandemic helped shed light on how sensitive the service industry can be. You want to invest in a franchise in a niche of business that continues to thrive even during recessions. Cleaning companies like those that do residential or commercial cleaning are a great example. The need for clean surfaces increased substantially to try to stop the spread of COVID-19. Compass Cleaning Solutions which offers janitorial cleaning franchises, notes,” As a janitorial cleaning franchisee, you will receive guidance and assistance from our corporate office. We will provide you with the operational support and product training you need to successfully run your business. We will help you meet the needs of your clients and achieve measurable results that improve their bottom line.”

Personal skillsets are going to be very important as well. Previous experience in an industry is imperative as you do not want to sink money into a franchise you don’t know how to run. Becoming a valuable franchise owner can lead to opening new locations and even more income. Certain franchises will cost far more than others for a variety of reasons. A restaurant is going to need equipment that can cost thousands of dollars. Commercial kitchen equipment can be the largest aspect in terms of costs for an entrepreneur.

Name Recognition Matters

Establishing a brand that is based on quality can take years of hard work. A franchise that is familiar to those in the local community already possesses that reputation. Local franchises also can help build the brand overall if a company is looking to expand throughout a region. The recognition can come in handy when customers are looking for services/products they can trust. Home renovation franchises are a great example, as contractors will enter the home. Unfortunately, not all home improvement professionals practice honest business tactics.

Digital marketing is still going to be required by each franchise as they build their online reputation. Link building, along with the best practices in terms of SEO for the website, will be critical. Social media can be handled in-house as well as corporate social media accounts can be too generic. You want to market to your customer demographic, as local areas can differ in what appeals to them. Tracking all campaigns with data is very valuable so campaigns can be tweaked to be more effective in the future.

Adhering To Corporate Standards

The ability to have a baseline of the standards that need to be met can be invaluable. Employees do not have to wonder whether they are providing what is expected of them. A number of small businesses have issues with expectations versus what is delivered. Corporate might come for a surprise inspection of a franchise location which needs to be expected. Failure to adhere to these standards can lead to fines or a loss of the franchise. A loss of a franchise only happens under serious circumstances, which would be constant issues with meeting corporate expectations.

Training Is Already Standardized

Training new employees can be a nightmare if standards are not established. You want to be able to maintain quality at a new business. The beauty of being trained as a franchisee is employees along with you are going to be trained. The training can include the various tactics that are used by the company to generate revenue. Sales along with marketing campaigns, can be tweaked to fit the local area with the approval from corporate. Setting up training programs can take weeks or even months for an entrepreneur. A seamless transition after training is possible for a new franchisee that wants to start generating revenue ASAP.

Negative aspects of owning a franchise might be present for certain entrepreneurs. Proven tactics that work can give an entrepreneur an advantage rather than going through months of trial and error. The tough aspect for some entrepreneurs is relinquishing a bit of decision-making as set processes already exist.