Is Bipolar Ionization technology effective against covid 19?

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar Ionization technology is used in air conditioners and HVAC systems to purify clean and decontaminate indoor air in homes, office spaces, commercial areas, and industrial facilities. However, with the influx of different technologies claiming to be effective against covid-19, consumers are more cautious of which equipment they use.

Evidence of safety and effectiveness is critical when evaluating the right technology to disinfect surfaces and eradicate the COVID-19 virus- SARS-2-CoV. Bipolar Ionization technology is not new; the design of the equipment has also matured to solve previous concerns. Some models have obtained the UL 2998 Standard certification by passing the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Zero Ozone Emissions required for air cleaners.

Protecting yourselves, loved ones, staff, and customers are essential; even with basic Covid-19 prevention measures in place, an ambient way to eliminate the virus will improve the chances of fighting it. Since Bipolar Ionization technology is not a stand-alone air purification system, combining it with other proven systems like HVAC technology enhances functionality.

How Bipolar Ionization works

Bipolar Ionization uses ionizers to split water molecules present in the air into reactive ions or reactive Oxygen Ions (ROI). These negatively or positively charged ions have an excess or lack an electron, and they have to bond with other molecules to balance their structure. When released onto the air, these ions will attract other oppositely charged ions to bond with them.

This bonding process creates another compound that extracts Hydrogen from the pathogen’s cell wall. It weakens them; Hydrogen is a crucial ingredient in the virus’s protein coat and makes them infective. In their weakened state, pathogens, viruses, and bacterial molecules are not infective and neutralized. The process is continuous, and the bonding will continue until the pathogen is completely split up and heavy. The heavy particles are easily trapped and eliminated via the air filtration system. For bacteria and other elements, the removal of Hydrogen makes them break up and die.

Bipolar Ionization VS COVID-19

In cases of Covid-19, the technology has proven to attack and neutralize the molecules the same way it does the other compounds. Despite several tests conforming to the potential of eliminating 99% of coronavirus in the air with only 30minute treatment, there is still a need for further research, according to the CDC.

Like choosing any other equipment, users are encouraged to request documentation on the product efficacy and researching them. Several tests have shown that Bipolar Ionization is effective against SARS, Norovirus, and select influence strains. However, several facilities have chosen to add Bipolar Ionization to their systems, like the University of Maryland Medical center, Amalie Arena, and the TWA hotel.

Proven air purification solutions

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