Is Device Intelligence Enough To Get Rid Of Risks?


The risk of fraud is nothing new. But the amount of fraud is increasing day by day. The more the world is being digitalized, the more we are being prone to fraud risks. 

After the coronavirus outbreak, as our digital footprint increases, new opportunities for fraudsters and cybercriminals are also growing. To mitigate fraud risk, many companies are talking about device intelligence. But the question is, is device intelligence enough to get rid of all risks?

This article will talk about the pros of device intelligence and how companies are using it effectively in their favor.

How Device Intelligence Helps An Organization To Get Rid Of Risks?

According to the studies, mostly all fraud comes from anonymous devices or networks. If we look at the background of device intelligence, it has been a critical component to handle large portions of those frauds. Device intelligence has helped many organizations to recognize legitimate consumers. How? Device intelligence can recognize IP addresses, screen resolution, geolocation, and type of devices. When a consumer has repeatedly been on the same server, all the above data will be uniform every time. Device intelligence will mark the consumer as safe and will give an allowance to have a frictionless experience.

When a company incorporates device intelligence, it can recognize different devices and perform further analysis. Device intelligence does not allow a device until it is sure that that user is trusted and not anonymous. That way, device intelligence helps detect any suspicious devices at the individual level and at the population level.

In short, device intelligence can help you detect legitimate returning users and keep you aware of possible risk events.

How Is Device Intelligence Working For Mobile Fraud Protection?

Mobile fraud attacks are evolving rapidly, and to stop the spread, it requires fast detection of device IDs and real-time insights. Nowadays, the fraudsters are even more competent, and they try to conceal their activities.

Device intelligence is also advancing, and it can effectively fight mobile fraud by fetching extensive device information. It gives every device a unique ID. And it is not possible to change that ID even if the fraudsters try to reinstall the apps. Once device intelligence marks a device, the identity is concealed.

On the other hand, device intelligence also gives a fraud risk score to every device and reads all the risk signals to stop attackers in their tracks. It can also identify the number of threats that other fraud tools may skip. Device intelligence is powered by machine learning and is helping companies fight against fraud in real-time. It allows individuals and organizations to act against fraud without causing unnecessary friction for legitimate consumers.


Thus, the next thing you need for your organization is a trusted device intelligence partner for online fraud protection. Leading companies across the world are relying upon device intelligence for better performance and competitive advantages. Organizations who look for the best solution to differentiate their businesses from others must deploy device intelligence. With an accuracy of 99.9% and up to millions of detections per second, device intelligence can keep your data and other confidential belongings safe.