Is Domestic Call Center Outsourcing A Good Idea


Mustering up the courage to call a total stranger and try to sell them a product seems like a nightmare to many people. The entire process feels a bit strange and cumbersome to most of us, but it’s a great financial investment. You do two things at the same time.  

First of all, you’re creating publicity and advertising directly in the consumer’s mind. There’s nothing more personal than a face to face meeting. The next best thing is a phone call. You’ll be surprised to know that companies like Twitter, Uber, and many startups still implement techniques learned from their time as cold callers.  

The only downsides to creating a great team that will be on the phone all day are costs and time. Instead of doing that yourself, you can opt-out for a different strategy called outsourcing. Click here to read more about the subject.  

Outsourcing will lower operation costs 

New startups have realized the importance of having an in-house sales team. Every business sets aside finances to keep this team going since they’re one of the main reasons for profit. Without profits, the company will go bankrupt in no time.  

Well, that’s one thing to keep in mind when you want to implement a cold calling center. If your team doesn’t have the experience, you’ll be essentially burning money while they learn. A sale will come through here or there, but it usually takes about a year of experience before a new calling station gets traction.  

Everything comes at a price. You’re paying the team hourly rates, plus commissions if they make a sale. How much time do they actually spend talking to, prospecting, and scheduling appointments in the first few months of operations? You’re giving money away while they learn on the spot. Follow this link for more info

Not to mention the added bills, desks, computers, electricity, water, and supplies. If someone finds out that cold calling is not a job they want to do, you get a double hit. You have an empty desk, as well as a position to fill with someone who needs even more training.  

If you decide to outsource, you will save both time and money because you’ll be working with people who have efficient experience. The commission is what keeps these people going. The more they sell, the more money they earn.  

This means that the earning potential for them is limitless, but the same thing is true for your profits. If you earn more, they do too. That’s a great working relationship to have with your employees. 

Increased accuracy 

If you hire an agency to call people instead of you, the benefits will keep adding up. First of all, companies like RDI Corp use proven methodologies to get into the consumer’s psyche. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, summer, or spring, they produce a constant output, and they interact with your clients on a daily basis.  

You should know that every conversation is different, but it focuses on the same topics. The topics are satisfying your customer, improving their experience, motivating them to make the right choice, and buy your products, as well as being unique.  

If cold calling isn’t done right, many things can start falling apart. A newbie might make a lot of mistakes. This will drive down sales and destabilize your core team. Not only that but worst of all, they can annoy your customers to the point that they don’t want to do business with you anymore. This entire sphere has grown out of reading from a script.  

If you hire an outsourced team, you should know that they’re putting their livelihood on the line. They need a stable campaign and strategy, and they need the sales to go through. It’s much more complicated than dialing numbers and filling up a pipeline with names that don’t want to be disturbed by you again.  

All of the agencies that offer services like this are equipped with software that monitors performance. Not only that, but they collect real-time data about the market and your competition. Your managers can then conveniently look at the reports and see how well you’re crushing goals. They’re flexible enough to offer 24-hour support, and this type of flexibility makes them an excellent choice even for international projects and campaigns.