Is It Time To Rethink Your Business Structure


Of course, in the wake of Covid-19 and its associated strain on businesses, now is a good time to rethink everything, if only to become more confident in your approach with surety anew.


That said, sometimes a hard and sober rethink of your actions and business systems can help you cut out dead weight, increase your productivity and profitability, better acclimate to this new environment we find ourselves in, and look forward to future bigger and better opportunities.


This is more than finding sheer platitudes and using them to your benefit – taking the time to actually respond to and approach where your business is now, rather than where it was or has been, can help you look at how to shift towards the future. It’s not uncommon for businesses to shift their focus, in fact, like evolution, it is a required and essential component of being able to survive.


With that in mind, today we hope to look at three of the most pressing ways that you may begin to rethink your business structure, and what that means in the long run:


Removing Dead Management Weight


Unfortunately, it’s possible for unnecessary management or staff to have been highlighted quite clearly in the midst of this pandemic, especially as it relates to administrative tasks. It can be a good idea to review your entire management structure, and anonymously survey your staff to see if this has been helpful in the midst of your Covid-adjacent changes or not. Don’t see it as forceful downsizing, but rather an assessment of where dead weight may be in your firm. Intermediately or larger-sized firms will often see this all too clearly.


Digitally Transforming Your Communications


Using a guide to digital transformation can help you optimize and streamline your entire network, from how you communicate and integrate with suppliers, to how you track inventory and curate your in-house communication. This can help you better make sure that workflow is optimized, that your systems make sense, that no added fluff or unnecessary and confusing UI or system impedes your productivity, security, or output. This kind of review is necessary from time to time, because you don’t have to have been acting poorly to see that improvement can be made. Keeping that in mind can be tremendously useful.


Streamlining Your Priorities


It’s very important to streamline your priorities as a business from time to time. Rethinking your structure is the first step of the way, but also considering how you’d like to define yourself as a business now can be important. Remember, Netflix, one of the world’s streaming giants, once mailed out DVD’s and discs as part of their mainline rentable structure. Now they are not only a streaming service, but a production house, because they pivoted their approach, their subscription method, and how they delivered their product. Might it be that comparatively small changes could be made in your firm?


With this advice, we hope you can rethink your business structure as necessary – in the healthiest possible manner.