Is it Worth Starting a Liquid Limestone Business?



Liquid limestone is basically a mixture of limestone and cement, with other materials added depending on the application. It can be used as an alternative to pavers or cement. It is ideal for driveways, pathways, pool surrounds, patios and other surfaces. Liquid limestone is cool underfoot unlike cement and pavers and does not raise the temperature of the surrounding air. Liquid limestone can also be colored, textured or patterned. Liquid limestone paving is absorbent. Meaning to say, after it is being poured, the one who did the liquid limestone paving will come back and apply a sealer. This is needed and is helpful to prevent stains from appearing, allowing the owner to clean the surface easily.

Is there demand for Liquid Limestone?

Liquid limestone has become so popular because of the advantages compared to traditional concrete. Are you looking for something that will make your foot cool even in extreme heat? Are you torn between the appearance of limestone and the price of concrete? Are you fed up of weed growing in between the concrete slab? Are you worried that your guests are going to slip when they visit especially in winter? Are you looking for a modern design and durability at the same time? This was a major takeaway I got from Thomas, founder of repave in Perth.

The liquid limestone is proven to be durable and last long even in the extreme heat and keeps cool as well. The durability being offered by this means it is particularly well suited to high traffic areas, like a driveway for example. It is ideal for use on patio areas, floors, verandas, and even for the pool surrounds as well especially because its non-slippery. Liquid limestone is not only a suitable paving option for residential but it can also be used by commercial customers. You can choose from a range of colors which you think suits your design. So there’s a lot of money to be made.

In addition, it contributes value to a certain property and does not subside. It is a fact that limestone is hugely a versatile paving option. It has numerous advantages over other alternative paving solutions. Another thing with the liquid limestone, you can customize it depending on your design taste.

How to get in the game?

In order to be on the game in this business, an individual must be skillful in all aspects with regards to this product like in domestic and commercial concreting. Being in this kind of business, an individual must be expert in this field it is recommended that one must spend at least 2 years working as an employee to learn the skills required.

After familiarizing yourself with the industry, learning the tricks of the trade and focusing and doing an excellent job at work, you can go ahead and start your own liquid limestone business.

4 Steps to work on before you open shop

  1. Access financing. You will need around $10,000 to start the business, most of the funds will go in purchasing of tools and equipment. You should invest about $1000 in setting up a website and doing some ads on Facebook and Google AdWords to get the ball rolling
  2. Get Licensed. You need to get a tax number, and register yourself as self-employed with the local business department, under that particular business category
  3. Health and Safety. Assuming that you have already spent some time working for your employer you should have the health and safety cards all set by now
  4. Finding and hiring labour. You should start by hiring one laborer. Keep in mind that you can hire an apprentice, while this is the cheapest option, you should keep in mind that he or she will not have any experience and you must have the patience to teach them the trade

One of the paybacks of liquid limestone is that it offers homeowners an appropriate way of revamping their property without spending much for maintenance and upkeep. Here, affordability and aesthetic value coincide. This can be one of your primary marketing tactics. Many home owners hire designers to set up the property nicely for the open day or auction day. Mail shots still work if you write a compelling message and don’t be too salesy.

Final thought

Entering into this business also means that you will have established companies competing with you. Where there’s money to be made there’s always competition. The #1 factor that comes into play here, if you really want to scale your business is reputation. Word of mouth is one of the best methods of advertising and its free! People don’t mind paying a little extra for high quality work.

The 2nd most important factor is reinvesting part of the profits into the company, especially into the right marketing. As mentioned earlier, hire a web designer to build a website, send mailshots, hire someone to do social media ads and some search engine optimization work to gain more exposure and be in front of your target market.

Focus on what makes you the most money and let go of everything else.