Is There a Connection Between Education and Entrepreneurs?


We’ve all heard the success stories about young, illiterate people who manage to create huge business empires, which might lead you to asking the question, ‘How important is education to an entrepreneur?’ One thing for certain is that people from all walks of life are able to see a business opportunity when it comes along, yet having a comprehensive education does put you in a better position when it comes to setting up a successful business.

British Curriculum

It is globally accepted that the British National Curriculum is the best in the world and with further education such as Brighton College in Bangkok, the student is fully equipped to go on to create a successful business empire. A good entrepreneur would have a high level of creativity and the UK National Curriculum emphasises developing creativity and imagination, especially during the first 7 years.


Most budding entrepreneurs have a healthy interest in economics, which should always be encouraged and supported. For the business creator, profit is the goal and with a good understanding of mathematics, you can quickly calculate whether or not a project is worth exploring. One of the roles of schooling is to equip the student with all the tools they might need, with a focus on careers from Year 9 onwards.

Starting Young

There is no reason why a 12-year-old can’t set up a small business and with your guidance, they can gain some valuable hands-on experience, which would really make a difference in later life. Fortunately, there are lots of free resources online, where a young person can learn more about setting up a business and develop the essential skills. Click here for information about a virtual entrepreneur’s association.

Choosing a Career

Rather than setting up a business after university or college, the best thing to do is pursue a career in a field of interest and when you become competent and gain valuable practical experience, you would then be in a position to freelance your services. Most teenagers have a clear idea of what they want to do career wise and this would be the guide for further education and with a good GPA, the person is ready to take on the world.

The Digital Age

It is essential for any budding entrepreneur to have a good understanding of digital technology, as there are many opportunities for the digital entrepreneur, which include e-commerce and content management. It is very easy to become a digital middleman, taking a percentage of sales, as new business sectors emerge, a forward-thinking entrepreneur can make a killing.

To conclude, the entrepreneur with a sound academic education has a much better chance of creating a business and be successful, so make sure that your child has the right education and if they show any interest in business, give him or her the support to explore this. The whole world is turning digital and any young person with IT skills would have many business opportunities, which they are equipped to exploit.