Is This the Only Way to Solve the House Speaker Crisis?


On October 24, 2023, eight members of the US House of Representatives ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position. This unprecedented event has left the House in a state of chaos, and it is unclear how it will be able to function without a Speaker.

The House has a few options for how to move forward. One option is to try to elect a new Speaker. However, this is likely to be difficult, as the House is deeply divided. Another option is to call a special election to fill the vacancy in the Speakership. This would also be difficult, as it would take time to organize and carry out a special election.

The only other option seems to be is to suspend the eight members who ousted McCarthy. This would temporarily remove them from the House and allow the remaining members to elect a new Speaker. This is likely the only way to get the House a new Speaker in the near future.

Of course, suspending members of the House is a serious matter, and it should not be done lightly. However, in this case, it is necessary to ensure that the House can continue to function. The American people deserve to have a functioning House of Representatives, and the eight members who ousted McCarthy have put that at risk.

If the House does decide to suspend the eight members, it should do so for a specific period of time, such as 30 or 60 days. This would give the members a chance to reflect on their actions and to apologize to the House and to the American people. It would also send a strong message that the House will not tolerate this type of behavior in the future.

Suspending the eight members who ousted McCarthy would be a difficult decision, but it is the right decision to make. It is the only way to ensure that the House can continue to do its work and to represent the American people.

Why Suspending the Eight Members Is Likely the Only Way to Get the House a New Speaker

The House is deeply divided, and it is unlikely that the remaining members will be able to agree on a new Speaker without first removing the eight members who ousted McCarthy. The eight members have made it clear that they are not willing to compromise, and they are likely to continue to obstruct the election of a new Speaker.

If the House does not suspend the eight members, it is likely that the House will remain without a Speaker for a long period of time. This would be a disaster for the American people, as it would prevent the House from passing legislation and carrying out its other duties.

Suspending the eight members is the only way to ensure that the House can elect a new Speaker and move forward. It is a difficult step, but it is necessary to ensure that the House can continue to function.

There is nothing but upside to this for the GOP.  It allows the 8 Republicans who started this mess to lose with “dignity” and give a collective sigh of relief because they are taking (a well deserved) beating for the paralysis in the Congress. It allows the rest of the GOP members that want a Speaker to get one and, without the 8 involved, possibly a more reasonable one than can normally be hoped for.  If the Democrats don’t support the Suspension, they become the ones who stopped Congress from working — not the Republicans.  The GOP would love to move this problem to the Democrats. Without an approach like this it is hard to imagine a path going forward.

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