Is your Business Making Good Use of IT?


We are living in a digital age, of that there is little doubt and information technology is advancing at a break-neck speed, indeed, there are small business owners that are not using IT in a way that they should. Here are a few ways that IT can help to streamline your business processes.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP solutions eliminate the need to make regular telephone calls and there are many VoIP apps like Zoom and Skype that offer real-time voice and video calls, using the Internet, rather than a telephone connection. Talk to a leading managed IT support company like First Solution in Bristol and they can create a dedicated network for all your business communication. You can have a video conference with your sales team and as administrator, you have access to all data; who is calling who and for how long and you can even record virtual meetings.
  • Cloud Solutions – If every bit of critical business data is on your hard drive, it is time to migrate to the cloud. When all your business data is stored on a remote server, you and authorised personnel can access the data from any location, using any digital device, plus you can update files in real time, which puts everyone on the same page. The managed IT service provider offers 24/7 remote support and they have cyber-security measures in place, plus daily backup of all data. When your accountant needs to prepare your tax returns, they can access all the relevant data from a remote location, eliminating travel, which keeps costs down.
  • Specialist Business Software – Regardless of your sector, there will be specific business software that is designed with your business procedures in mind, making bookkeeping and accounting a simple task. Many entrepreneurs single-handedly run their business, largely thanks to software written for their industry and a Google search is all it takes to source a leading business software developer who is well-versed in your sector. You might be surprised at how much you can automate with the right software and this eliminated double handling, which impacts productivity. Click here for information on how digital solutions are helping the manufacturing sector.
  • Digital Marketing – If your company website has yet to be optimised for Google searches, you could be missing out on a lot of business and any leading digital marketing agency would offer search engine optimisation services, which help potential customers find you online. Every business should be striving to create and maintain a strong digital profile and with a dynamic SEO agency, your business will be put firmly on the map. The Covid-19 pandemic saw a huge spike in e-commerce figures, as more and more consumers preferred to eliminate human contact by shopping online. The smart entrepreneur understands that digital marketing is an essential service and it is always budgeted for, which provides a strong digital profile and gets your message out to the right people.

Talk to a local managed IT services company and see what they can do for you and your business, and the above are just a few ways that IT can help you streamline business processes.