Is Your Company Site Up To Scratch


If you run a business, there is a high chance that you have a fully functioning website already. Your business’s website is the anchor of your branding; without a good enough online presence, you will find your company falling by the wayside. Why? Because the future of all business is online. Younger consumers shop far more often online than in store, and with the presence of powerful tools like social media, your business will need its online branding to be top notch. Here is how you can boost your website, increase traffic and give your business the fire it needs to succeed online.

  1. Managed IT

Most businesses don’t just use their website for advertising; they actually use it to sell products or services online. This means your customers are giving over their personal data to your company site every single day; their banking details, their address, phone number and full name. Without up-to-date, efficient cybersecurity and IT management, your company site could leave your customers’ data exposed, causing theft, fraud, and even breaches of data protection law. 


What’s the solution to IT issues? Unless you are a qualified computer technician or IT whizz, it is highly advisable that you hire a managed IT services company who can help run your company site smoothly. These services include 24/7 assistance, watertight cybersecurity software and all operating within data protection law. 

2. An SEO Strategy

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and helps your business’ website to get more traffic. How? Well, using SEO tools such as backlinks and keywords, the search engine algorithm will boost it further up the search results list when a user searches a word that is associated with your business. Without an SEO strategy, you may find that your business finds its way further down the search results list on most searches – leaving it vulnerable to low traffic. SEO is a great alternative to paid advertising such as pay-per-click, which achieves the same results, but at higher expense to your business. 

3. A Social Media Presence

Younger millennials and Generation Z are all about social media, so you need to be too. If you want to reach younger consumers – and you absolutely should – you can do so most easily through social media. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all free tools to download and with a company profile, you can showcase your products, boost sales engagement, as well as reading comments and feedback from your customers too. Social media is the perfect way to have interaction with your customer base, see what they like about your brand, and to build on your brand even further. All for free! There has never been an easier way to boost engagement; if your business is not on social media, make the change today. 



If you want to take your business to the next level in a cost effective way, start with your online presence. Not only is it a cheap way to increase popularity and engagement with your brand, but it is the best way to engage with younger customers too!