Italian Dual Citizenship For Business Owners- Why It Makes A Great Option


If setting up an international venture is on your wishlist, Italy is a great destination to fulfill your dream. It offers an ideal climate for foreign enterprises.  The favorable tax structures and minimal regulatory guidelines make it easy to establish a new business here. The best part is that the country has a relatively easy immigration roadmap. You can get a start with an investor visa, and become a citizen eventually. There is even a good possibility of securing dual citizenship to make it easy to set up your company in Italy. You can check Bersani Law Firm website to know the various routes available. Let us explore why Italian dual citizenship makes a great option for business owners.

Availability of diverse routes

The main reason dual citizenship is popular among aspiring business owners is the availability of diverse routes. You can pick the apt one depending on your eligibility. The good thing is that you need not worry about missing out on the opportunity because everyone has a chance to qualify through either of the options. Here are the routes you can explore-

  • Citizenship by descent is ideal for people with ancestral connections in Italy. You can claim through the Jure Sanguinis process that requires you to fulfill certain requirements, validate your ancestral roots with relevant documents, and submit an application at your local consulate. It is perhaps the shortest route, so eligible people should opt for it.
  • Citizenship by marriage applies to people married to an Italian. You will have to wait for two years after the nuptial if residing in Italy (three years if living elsewhere. Further, you have to get a B1 level certification to prove intermediate proficiency in the Italian language. Once you fulfill these conditions, you can proceed with the application.
  • Citizenship by naturalization requires you to stay in Italy as a resident for ten decades. Business owners who do not qualify for the other routes have to opt for this one. You can start with an investor visa that converts into a residence permit, establish your business here, and stay as a resident until you qualify for the naturalization status.

Establishing a business is a breeze

Establishing your business in Italy is a breeze once you have citizenship status. Although you can set up as a resident too, there are several more benefits of dual citizenship. You can live and work in Italy, purchase a property without hassle, and even export vehicles from the US without paying hefty taxes. You will not require extra documentation for property purchases or establishing your firm in the country. Consider it an easy start for your dream venture in Italy.

Global growth opportunities

Another great thing about Italian dual citizenship from a business perspective is the opportunity to go global. A second passport empowers you with visa-free travel across the EU. You can prospect clients in these countries, travel for meetings and trade events, and expand your business without struggling with visa laws. You have a chance to set up a truly global business with clientele across most of the European countries. A business owner can even get a long-term stay without special permission.

Access to excellent benefits

The benefits of Italian dual citizenship extend beyond business growth and outreach. It sets you up for a new life with your loved ones. You can bring your family along, and pass on the citizenship to your children and the next generations. They get access to the citizenship benefits like access to free public education and healthcare in the country. Your children can study in the best universities in Italy or around the EU. They can also explore career opportunities in this part of the world because a second passport lets them work in the entire zone. Buying a home in Italy is easy for citizens. They have to worry less about property taxes and documentation hassles.

The endless benefits of Italian dual citizenship make it an excellent option for business owners with a vision to set up a global business. But you must know the various routes, their eligibility requirements, documentation, processes, and timelines. A local immigration expert can guide you about all aspects, and ensure that you pick the right option. They also help you with the documentation part so that there are no delays due to errors or omissions. Moreover, you can focus on your business plans while a professional looks after the immigration requirements. It is the best way to cover all fronts while beginning your entrepreneurial journey in Italy.