Jack Wygodski and Avi Itzcovich’s Scams Exposed


Forex scams are still a huge business and still one of the most significant scam operations active worldwide. Jack Wygodski and Avi Itzcovich are accused of running one of the most infamous forex scams where they would scam many people out of their hard-earned money before finally getting caught. 


Jack Wygodski remains a fugitive. See his picture here.


Avi Itzcovich is currently in jail, but Jack Wygodski remains a fugitive from the police.

Hopefully, he will be brought to justice soon, and everyone can rest easy knowing that these two alleged scammers are no longer able to hurt innocent people.


Jack Wygodski and Avi Itzcovich’s scams were elaborate and are described as straightforward stealing. And unfortunately, most people who get scammed in this way never see their money again. Please, don’t let yourself get taken advantage of by con artists like Jack Wygodski and Avi Itzcovich, do your research, and be vigilant about who you’re trusting with your money. 


Forex scams are real, and we can prevent them before it’s too late!