James Robertson Gets A Car

Courtesy of USA Today

On today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, we started off this week with an inspiring story from USA Today.

A man from Detroit, MI who trekked 21 miles by foot to his factory job, now has a car. James Robertson is a machine operator in a factory that he walks to every day regardless of the weather conditions and completes a 2pm-10pm shift. He then catches a bus to his home then walks 5 more miles in the dead of night. He has a perfect attendance record even with his trek.

His story caught the attention of a Wayne State University student and the student started a Go Fund Me page that has now totaled $351,000 in donations.

That was enough for Robertson to buy a new car for himself.

While I found my faith in humanity restored after hearing this, Kevin(Host) and Sigmund took a more serious angle and wondered if all this money was worth having for various reasons.