Jerome Karam Successful Real Estate Developer


Jerome Karam is a nationally-renowned real-estate developer. With a background in personal injury law, he proudly met the needs of his clients for over a decade. As a graduate of the prestigious LSU and TSU, Karam utilized his Juris Doctorate to offer professional legal representation across the board. However, his true passion was — and still is — real-estate developments across Texas and Louisiana. To date, Jerome Karam has successfully invested, built, and remodeled scores of commercial — residential properties across the Gulf Coast region.

Karam has also revitalized many areas that were severely damaged by the recent hurricanes. This includes Galveston’s historic Falstaff Brewery building. Galveston Economic Development Partnership President Jeff Sjostrom heralded Jerome Karam for helping rebuild the ravaged areas of the island. The citizens of Galveston have also praised him for his tireless efforts in rebuilding several parts of the city.

The Falstaff Brewery project was spearheaded by Karam after purchasing the 330,000 sq. ft. structure back in 2015. The Brewery will no longer manufacture beer but will feature a newly built cruise ship parking terminal. Similarly, it will showcase a climate-controlled garage with ample rooftop space for social gatherings and events. The area will also include a luxurious hotel with modern décor and loads of fine amenities for guests. This is another example of Karam’s initiative to empower the community he and his team build or remodel properties in.

As the proud founder of JMK5 Holdings, Karam has also led the charge to remodel the old JCPenney building to add more space for garages. Similarly, he and his team are breathing new life into Texas City’s Mall of the Mainland — 20 miles north of the historic brewery. Karam is also the owner of several lavish and elegant lofts throughout the Galveston area. His real-estate endeavors have led him to several projects in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area. As a native of the Pelican State, he continues to give back to the communities in many ways.

Karam’s real-estate developments are also opening doors to new employment opportunities for locals. In fact, the project in Texas City features the country’s largest Trampoline Park. This is accentuated by Teen Jump, Toddler Time, and areas for birthday parties and social events. This is a great way to help folks in the area looking for part-time, full-time, or economic opportunities. While Karam’s heart and soul is developing mixed-use commercial — residential developments, he puts the same passion into his philanthropic and charitable efforts.

After the tragic Santa Fe, Texas, shootings in May 2018, Karam and his team offered a special closed event for students. They wanted to help students and their families recover from the traumatic events that plagued their city. In fact, students were able to mingle, eat, and have fun like they used to. Karam also promoted the “Tag a Teacher” contest on Facebook — enabling local communities to tag their favorite teachers and raise revenue for school supplies.

Karam and his team provided free all-day cup pass for students and the winning teachers. This was simply a great way to help rebuild a community without having to physically create a commercial complex.

Jerome Karam continues to be an industry leader in real estate and philanthropy. With more projects and community empowerment initiatives on the horizon, his work and commitment will never go unnoticed. Karam believes that no obstacle or hurdle is ever too big to achieve your dreams. His hard work and determination is truly a testament to that.

For more information on Jerome Karam and his latest developments, simply visit his website at Similarly, you can contact his office for more information at 281-482-7233.