Jobs That Will Help You Get Out Of That Office



Are you starting to go a little crazy looking at the walls of your cubicle at work? Let’s face it, no matter how many adorable family photographs you put up, no one likes getting up with the knowledge that they’re going to have to spend all day sitting at a desk surrounded by colleagues they don’t particularly like! Here are some tips for career changes that could get you out of that office and into the real world…


If you like getting your hands dirty, then landscaping may just be for you. Whether you want to train as a landscape architect and help people design their perfect gardens or whether you’d rather print business cards and mow lawns in your local area, there’s definitely a role for you in that area if you love to be outside in the elements instead of inside behind a desk. The private sector is always looking for landscape architects to design their outdoor spaces and parking lots, and if you demonstrate that you’re reliable and creative, word will spread and you’ll be sure to get plenty more commissions and clients.


A lot of people say that working retail can be tough, and honestly that’s true – any job where you’re on your feet and dealing with members of the public all day can definitely be rough! Huge chain stores may be more difficult, but smaller book stores and independent boutiques and makeup stores will help you to show off your skills and interest in those areas as you recommend items to customers. If you’re sociable, creative, and you love talking to people, then retail might just be a good fit for you.


Nursing can definitely be a difficult job – you’re spending time with people who are going through the hardest times in their lives as their loved ones are sick or injured in hospital.But if you like caring for people you should learn more about becoming a nurse because the truth is that it’s also incredibly rewarding – you get to help people through those hard times and make their lives a little easier as you care for your patients, and you also get to do a lot of problem solving in that time as well as you watch your patients for any changes that doctors might not have picked up on. There will always be nursing jobs around – look online for NHS nurses positions. Nursing is a true vocation and if you feel it calling to you, you’ll probably be great at it.

Dog Walking

Dog walkers are increasingly in demand these days as people work longer and longer hours and become more aware that it really doesn’t make you a good pet owner if you leave your pup at home all day by itself. Print up business cards and make sure that your clients recommend you to their friends if you want to start a dog walking business. Being reliable is key when you start your own business – you want to make sure that you show up when you say you will and that you do exactly what you promise. Getting to walk dogs all day in the fresh air will be a breeze after that!

Freelance Writing

If you were always a fan of your English classes at school, then you could always consider freelance writing. Working freelance can always be a risk and you need to make sure that you’re super organised with your invoices, but it can be worth it in terms of flexibility and your ability to arrange your life on your own terms, particularly if you have a family. If you have perfect grammar and punctuation skills then you could always try editing or proofreading other people’s work. You just need to ensure that you keep promoting yourself and putting yourself out there – once that’s done, you can work in an office, in a coffee shop or in the park on a beautiful summer’s day.

Recreational Therapy

There are very few jobs that are more important than recreational therapists. They’re the people who help others get back on their feet after accidents or illnesses – so they’re essentially the people who taught your aunt to move the left side of her body again after that stroke, and who helped your friend’s daughter to start walking more evenly after that car accident, thanks to some dance and music therapy. Recreational therapists help people through art, sports, games, music and dance – and they’re in high demand thanks to the increasingly ageing population, so you’ll never be short of a job!


If you’ve always been a creative person then photography might just be for you. Although a lot of photographers tend to train in a more artistic way, it’s important to remember that you need to work at events like weddings and parties to boost your income and your portfolio. Being involved in the most special days in someone else’s life is a privilege – and you’ll probably also get to eat some great food every weekend at different weddings! Forming good relationships with your clients is key to your success – make sure you’re warm and that you make people feel at ease.

Event Planning

If you’ve always been mega organised and sociable then event planning might just be for you. You’ll have to be aware that you may just end up dealing with some difficult clients who want their events to be just so (in a way that often isn’t totally feasible!) but you’ll enjoy getting to speak to lots of different people and the adrenaline rush of watching an event come together as you planned it.

Home Care

Home care assistants aren’t really talked about much, but the truth is that they’re more and more essential as the population grows older and as families live further away from each other than they used to. People who aren’t particularly mobile or who are elderly or disabled often require a little extra help to live their everyday lives, and their care assistants also often become like friends. Being a home care assistant will mean that you get to meet some incredible people with great stories to tell – you’ll get to help them maintain their dignity so that they can live their lives with comfort, and make some friends into the bargain.



A lot of people think of floristry as simply standing behind a counter and arranging some roses in vases, but the truth is often a little more grimy than that. Florists have to get up very early and they often work in unpleasantly cold temperatures – but if you love nature and you love being part of people’s special days, whether it’s anniversaries, weddings or Valentine’s Days, floristry might just be for you. You’ll need a good eye for aesthetic beauty as well as a wide ranging knowledge of all the different flowers and how you can put them together, along with good relationships with suppliers and customers. Combining business with beauty could be an absolute blast.

Flight Attendant


If you’re yearning to travel the world but your budget won’t quite stretch to it, then being a flight attendant might solve all of your problems. You’ll have to represent the airline to a high standard while being very aware of safety procedures and making sure that you undergo regular training to ensure that you know exactly what you would do in any emergency situations – being a flight attendant is a position of great responsibility. Once you’re off the plane, you can explore hundreds of different cities that you might get to travel to – it really is one of the best possible ways to see the world on a budget.