Joining a Community Club & The Importance of Local Business Participation


If you live in Australia, there are lots of great tradies clubs you can become a member of. These social clubs allow you to get involved in community events and volunteer your time to worthy campaigns across the neighbourhood. If you own a local business, being involved in a local club is also good for business. It gives you the chance to network with likeminded people and sponsor events that you feel need financial support.

Showing You Care

Getting involved in community events by joining clubs such as Tradies Sutherland shows you care about the people around you. You don’t need to advertise your business that much if you are constantly involved in community work. People will get to know you and give your company more business when they see what you do for the community.

When you get involved in community campaigns, you get to see first-hand what people need in the area. It may be a school looking for more resources or a local sports team who want to build a better clubhouse. Although they are grants available, you can still create campaigns to raise awareness and bring in donations from local businesses.

Increased Visibility Within the Community

Getting involved in the community by becoming a prominent member of a local social club is one way of increasing visibility and building brand awareness. Community involvement shows your clients that you are concerned about others and you wish to make your area a better place. Lots of people will be interested in what you do outside of the club, and this is a great way to boost brand awareness. If you are posting your involvement in a local charity drive or donations campaign, people will get to see what you do through social media content.

Community Networking

Joining a local members club is an excellent way of meeting other business owners in the community. It gives you the opportunity to nurture relationships with other companies while helping out on important projects.

Nothing brings companies together like local involvement. Community projects provide a platform on which to network. You can combine your skills and use them to make the community a better place. If you have the facilities, you can also host events on your premises or help local organisations apply for grants.

Online Presence

When you aren’t physically involved in the community, you are socially involved. So, you must keep on top of social media content. For example, if you are involved in collecting donations for a charity or local club, with permission, you should post videos and images of the event. Just remember to include:

  • Goals & objectives
  • Information about the campaign
  • Local participants

Getting involved with local campaigns and projects shows your commitment to the community. The best way to get involved in local events is to become a member of a recognised social club which participates in a variety of schemes. Local tradies do their utmost to support and guide their members and get involved in positive ventures.