Keeping E.D. at Bay


Most men overlook serious health issues for a considerable amount of time. They are aware that their lifestyle will pose major health problems in the future, but unfortunately, they sit up and take notice only when it starts to interfere in their sex life. Erectile dysfunction is a real problem that affects about 30 million men in the US.

General physical health and well-being play a significant role in maintaining the quality of your erections. In its Enzyte Review, Men’s Health Digest claims that the best natural male enhancement products can boost stamina, which is essential as one gets older. Here’s how to avoid the age-old problem of ED and stay sexually healthy.

Stop Smoking Now

Smoking gives you not only cancer, but a bad case of erectile dysfunction. Smoking damages the inner lining of one’s blood vessels, effectively inhibiting healthy blood flow to your penis. Studies have claimed that men who smoke cigarettes are 51% more likely to develop ED.

About one-fourths of quitters have reported better sexual health a year after kicking the butt. You can improve this further by checking what is the best male enhancement supplement for longer and harder erections. All natural pills like Vigrx Plus, Maxis10, and Enzyte have proven their efficacy in this regard.

Lose Belly Fat

Obesity is a leading cause for impotence and ED all over the world. Men that have a waist circumference of 39 inches or more are at over twice the risk for ED, compared to those with waist size of 35 inches. The reason is that extra inches on the waist mean high visceral fat, which results in low testosterone and tendency to develop inflammation.

Avoid Certain Medications

Besides abusing the blue pill, medications like antidepressants, narcotic analgesics, and antihistamines can interfere with healthy erections. Before taking any anti-allergens or even medicines for cold, read labels for side-effects, and avoid any prescriptions that have Sudafed-based. If you’re taking supplements for better erection, try to get ephedra-free formulas like Enzyte. Supplements like Vigrx Plus are fortified with potent herbal ingredients. Maxis10 also provides good prostate support.

Quit Stressing over Work

With progress, comes stress. A lot of middle-aged men with highly-rewarding careers often deal with copious amounts of work-related stress. Its side-effects include anxiety and high doses of caffeine and nicotine, which results in a poor sexual life. What is worse is that workaholics sleep a lot less than others, and get little to no physical exercise. Men in their 40s should especially keep work-related stress away from their personal lives.

Start Getting Quality Sleep

Building on the previous point, sleep is crucial to avoid erectile dysfunction. Sleeping late even on a few nights can give your erection problems and cause your testosterone levels to fall. Quality sleep is highly important for free testosterone, which is responsible for sexual function and drive. This is not all, sleep affects your erections by maintaining a balance between the brain hormones, dopamine and serotonin. It is necessary to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.