Keeping The Business Spaces Safe During COVID


The coronavirus pandemic changes our lives forever, bringing new data to the workplace. In the midst of stricter personal hygiene and protection measures, the canopy desk returns to the forefront, marking the end of open workplaces. At the same time, for a larger percentage of employees, distance work is the new reality.

Apart from the masks, the antiseptics on the cabinets, the cleaning of the air conditioning systems (and the regulation of the air flow away from the cabinets) and the good natural ventilation of the spaces with open windows, the perception that more structural changes are needed in workplaces to give staff a sense of security again. Although of course no new arrangement can guarantee complete protection against the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease and eliminate the risk of transmission between workers. You may want to ensure that anyone who comes in to clean has the proper equipment and PPE needed. Advantages of chemical protective clothing are plentiful and perhaps some staff members may even want to armour themselves with this further. You should encourage staff to: 

Wash their hands

It is very important to encourage employees to wash their hands often and regularly to prevent the transmission of germs to the office. On average, people touch their face at least 18 times in an hour. It is very important to wash your hands often as 80% of diseases are transmitted through contact. An extra tip to ensure hygiene in the workplace is to ask the cleaning crew to install special soap systems without contact in the kitchen and bathroom of the office. 

Have antiseptic wipes available

Wipes with antiseptic action are a very easy and economical way to keep the space clean and fresh. The cleaning crew will tell you which wipes are suitable for your space. This way you can easily encourage your employees to sweep their office thus preventing the spread of germs. 

Organise papers 

The paper that collects on the desk not only looks ugly as a spectacle but also makes our work difficult. Organize your papers daily leaving only what you need in your day on the desk. Bonus: Keep the office clean of dust and germs. The cleaning team you work with will suggest easy and practical ways to keep your workplace tidy.

Empty bins

It may seem expensive but the frequent emptying of the bins will create a more comfortable working environment. More specifically, it is even more necessary to empty the bins if employees are accustomed to throwing food in the bins resulting in the smell of debris and creating a bad atmosphere. 

Don’t eat at your desk

We understand that it is very convenient to eat at the office while we work but it would be good after setting the example to encourage our colleagues to take their lunch break somewhere else. This will not only increase their productivity, as they will be happier when they return, but will also help keep the office clean. A keyboard can be the home for more germs than our own toilet. This is a result of the accumulation of food debris that falls on our keyboard.  Wipe all surfaces regularly.