Keeping Your Business And Staff Safe From Terrorism in 2016



No business is ever risk-free, and as a business owner, you will have been aware of this from the beginning. However, the risks posed to us, our staff, our finances and our workplaces have shifted in recent years. We are no longer just looking at financial risk, or risks to our professional reputations, or the risk of redundancies, for example. The threat of terror looms large in the USA and globally. It is something that businesses need to be aware of and need to be prepared for.


In Paris in 2015, the workplace of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked by Islamists. Two policemen and ten journalists were killed. Also in 2015, a terrorist attack on the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health offices. Staff were enjoying a holiday party and training event when 14 people were killed.


These are just two very recent examples of attacks on business environments. It is not surprising, therefore, that it will be a priority for your to keep your business, and your staff, safe. How can you do this effectively?


Ensure you can trust your staff

The male terrorist who attacked the San Bernardino offices was an employee at the time he carried out the attacks. This by no means implies that you should be wary and suspicious of your own staff. But prevention is always better than the cure. There are methods you can employ if you feel as though a colleague or member of staff is acting suspiciously. Private Investigators can be monitored to hire individuals if necessary. This doesn’t just go for staff that you think may pose a threat to human lives. It can also be used for staff you suspect are involved in fraudulent activities or other such criminal activities.


Remember that knowledge is power

It is wise first of all to know about the organizations out there who are working to protect you. The Foundation for Defense of Democracies are a fine example of this. Formed by a group of men and women in the wake of 9/11, they hold the principals of human rights and anti-terror at their core. It is their aim to protect and defend democratic societies at risk of terrorism. They produce a wide and varied range of studies, articles and relevant documents that you can consume to educate yourself. Be sure to share anything useful that you learn or discover with your colleagues. Organizations like this, and others, are also active on social media, allowing you to stay abreast on their most recent output.



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Set up an alert system

Even if you are the owner, founder or director of your business, you simply cannot be at your place of work all the time. However, you will want the reassurance that everybody and everything is safe, even when you are at home or away. So, set up an alert system. Yes, this will alert you if anything happens. But it will also act as a reassurance that everything is as it should be.