Keto Kookie: Keep Your Sweet Tooth and Your Diet


Name and Official Title of CEO

The Co-founders of Keto Kookie are Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias, who are currently sharing the title of CEO

Tell Us About Your Business

Keto Kookie, a low carb chocolate chip cookie, originally opened as an online store in order to gauge interest and see how people would respond back in April.  Very quickly the team of two realized  the potential in their product and had to pause the website as ingredients we’re too expensive and there was a need to deliver on a larger scale.

The idea first started when Kristoffer started a ketogenic diet (Low carb, high fat diet).  The hardest thing  for Kristoffer was that he was not able to eat anything with gluten so he decided to try an create a cookie designed for his needs. Figuring that others would also be going through the same struggle, the original Keto Kookie website was then created and then followed by a successful Kickstarter launch and campaign.

What Makes Your Company Unique?

There are currently no ready to eat keto friendly cookies available to eat except for the Keto Kookie.  The kookie has no added sugar or wheat and still remains delicious!  As amazing as that sounds, the true beauty of the Keto Kookie is how it affects those that have tried it.  Without even asking, Keto Kookie lovers have been quick to share there story.  A man at a Low Carb conference got his first taste of a Keto Kookie and was amazed to find out that his glucose level remained the same even after eating the kookie!  Full of excitement he walked straight to the team afterwards to share his story.  Another man thanked the Keto Kookie team after finally being able to put a cookie into the lunch box of his son with Type 1 Diabetes.

Stories like these bring nothing but happiness to the team and make what they do all the more worth it!

“We went in wanting a product business and what we got out of it were so many powerful stories and connections with amazing people!”

– Kristoffer Quiaoit

What Contribution Have You Made Towards the World?

“We’re hoping to change the way people think about health and what they eat”

Kristoffer and Victor have already affected the lives of so many people with the Keto Kookie and want to continue to do so.  One of their goals is to push ketogenic diets and make it easier to stay on. as they have seen the wonderful results that others have gotten from its use.

Keto Kookie wants to stay ahead of the curve as they feel the food industry will soon begin to shift  to more of a low carb instead of a low fat focus.  They want to help get these healthier low carb foods to as many people as possible.

Who or What Has Influenced You?

Kristoffer thanks his father for his work ethic.  His father worked four jobs to provide for his family and this set a model for Kristoffer to follow that hard work is needed to achieve your goals.

He also credits the Tim Ferriss Show (podcast) and other entrepreneurs that have given him advice.  Kristoffer realizes that he doesn’t know it all and is always looking to learn more from resources and others around him.

What Key Qualities Do You Look For In Your Team?

The Keto Kookie Team looks for those that are ambitious in their work ethic and care about people.  This combo is necessary to fully captivate and drive Keto Kookie and this is clearly seen in how Kristoffer and Victor run their business.

Words of Advice

“Learn from others.  Listen to those that have experience, even if you think you know it all, and keep an open mind because you never know what you can pick up and how that can help you.   Keep learning!”

– Kristoffer Quiaoit


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Edited By: Dennis Guerrero, PR Agent