Kevin Price Interviews Legendary Boxer Oscar De La Hoya, About His Business Interests, Foundation, and More.


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, recently visited with boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya in anticipation of an evening of boxing that included several boxers from his firm, Golden Boy Promotions.

In this two part interview Price and De La Hoya covered numerous topics, including:

  • His company, Golden Boy Promotions, and why it is different from other companies in that space.  He discusses the power of empathy, having had worn “the gloves” himself, making it easier for his clients to build a stronger relationship with him.
  • His foundation that helps in the areas of healthcare and why that topic hits so close to him.  He talks about its work in the prenatal and breast cancer areas in particular.
  • DAZN is literally “saving” boxing by creating a business model that makes it more accessible to more people.  It is doing for sports and boxing, what Netflix has done for entertainment in general.
  • And much more.

The articles will appear on partner sites of the Price of Business Digital Network as they are released.  You can hear the interview between Price and De La Hoya here and here.

Price of Business Digital Network Media Partner Articles on the De La Hoya Interview

The first in our series appears at Price of Business Digital Network’s media partner, USA Daily Chronicles.  It takes a look at the boxing legend by the numbers.

The second in our series appears at Price of Business Digital Network’s media partner, The Daily Blaze.  This provides excerpts from De La Hoya’s interview with Kevin Price in which he provides an intimate portrait about the creation of the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation and its important work

The third in the series appears at Price of Business Digital Network’s media partner, USA Business Radio.  In De La Hoya’s important interview with Price he spoke with Candor about boxing being in trouble.  In this article we look at his comments and how DAZN can save the sport of boxing.