Kevin Price to Speak at the Publicity Summit in New York City



Kevin Price will be speaking at the National Publicity Summit in New York City this weekend.  He will be discussing a topic that he is actually very passionate about — the best ways for people to become the recognized media authorities in their industry.  He also loves to help those seeking media exposure to pursue the best practices.

At the event, Kevin will talk about what does and does not work in pursuing media opportunities.  “Some of the practices out there are outrageous.  They literally do not work,” Kevin said.  “When publicists do not say who their clients are in the initial email, but want you to ask for more information, that means the guest is an unknown.  When they send a huge list of potential guests, that says none are that important.  Some of this is common sense.”

While in New York, Kevin will be doing several radio interviews from there.  In addition he will be doing blogging and reviews at our sister news sites.

Kevin is looking forward to seeing friends of the show during his visit to NYC and to talk about this very important subject to radio listeners.