Key Bartender Features to Look for While Hiring an Expert Service


When you are trying to figure out the best option among the available ones for a holiday party bartender or any other event, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. When you are looking to host an event, then it is up to you to make sure that it is carried out correctly. This is why you need a world-class bartending service, which bears the hallmark of the client-centered approach. As the experts say, any event can get a hundred-fold better with the right bartenders at the helm.

Here are the key features that you need to make sure before you invest in a bartending service for a special occasion.

A professional service is recommended

Bartender service will set the tone of the party or the occasion. So this is why it is of prime importance to hire a professional service which will allow the patrons and the guests to enjoy the party and the drink better. The bartenders need to be easy-going with a lot of experience when it comes to mixing and serving drinks. Moreover, the service needs to be courteous and trained in the art of hospitality management, which includes greeting along with the bar service. Try looking for a local service to get the best results.

A service that offers customization options

When you are choosing the right bartending service, look for a company that gives you room for customizations. You don’t want to go to a rehashed party or a theme that has been done before. So, think like the guests while organizing. Get hold of a service that has a lot of experience in designing and serving according to the type, mood, and tone of the occasion. This will keep the guests happy, which in turn means as the organizer, there are lesser headaches and running around trying to fix the logistical issues.

Ask about the inventory and the stock

It is needless to say that you want the bartending stations at your event to be well-stocked. Trust the experts as it is quite a nightmare when guests form a queue only to realize that their favorite beverage is out of stock. Prepare a list of the guests and hand over the precise number to the service before signing up the contract. Ask your questions and make sure that the inventory is well stocked-up in advance to avoid unpleasant scenes and situations during the event. Don’t get the wrong team on board and make sure that the service is experienced enough to keep tabs and monitor the drinks passed on to the guests. As a host, you must understand that only by making the correct inquiries can you relax during the event.

Look for package deals

When we are talking about a bartending service package, then keep in mind that it will include everything from how the drinks will be served, how the station will be set-up, the coverage, type and amount of drinks along with the number of the bartenders at all times at the event. Look for a service that offers you the complete package. When all the details are mapped out before the start of the event, the chances of success go up exponentially.

And, finally, always choose a bartending service by the customer satisfaction numbers. Look for online resources to read the reviews and ratings of all the local services listed on the internet.