Key Characteristics of International School Teachers


International schools are known for having some of the best teachers in the education system. They tend to employ a rigorous hiring process that enables them to find the best possible teachers in each subject. International schools only hire the brightest minds who are dedicated to putting their student’s education first. Here are some of the main characteristics of international school teachers. 

Motivation – Although you will find teachers who work in public schools that are motivated and dedicated to their job, most of the time they are few and far between. They are sometimes not appreciated enough and after a certain length of time, they tend to lose their enthusiasm. If you have ever been to a leading south Bangkok international secondary school, you will have come across some amazing teachers. Teachers in international schools are highly respected and they are given the right support and resources to motivate and inspire their students. 

High Expectations – International school teachers have high expectations of their students and this is the way every teacher should be. They strive to help their students’ progress and make the most of their talents, whether that be in academia or sport. They evaluate the needs of their students and motivate them to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Experience & Knowledge – When kids attend an international school, they are taught by instructors who have many years’ experience and knowledge of their chosen subject. They know the subject matter they teach, and they have the qualifications to effectively present an engaging lesson. An international school teacher will foster and maintain student interest in their subject by using various methods of teaching to ensure they reach each individual student.

Flexibility – International school teachers are excellent at adapting their skills to get the best out of their students. They do not rely on a single method of learning, they make use of a variety of learning styles, focusing on lessons that accommodate a diverse group of students. These styles include:

  • Visual
  • Reading / Writing
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic 

They understand that each student is different, and they need to be inspired in different ways. 

International school educators make sure their students come first. They are highly motivated and driven to get the absolute best out of their students. They are distinguished experts in their field and their love of their subject comes across in their lessons. International school teachers also ensure the highest possible standards are upheld.