Key Methods to Support Your Employees’ Career Advancement


Helping your employees with their career advancement is a great way to get them to keep working for you. If you don’t help them to advance within your company, they will look for somewhere else to grow their careers. There are many options for supporting your employees at work and helping them to develop their potential.

Set Personalized Goals

There are some times when development can use a one-size-fits-all model, but that doesn’t always work. Your employees also want personal attention and someone to show that your company is invested in their personal development. Helping them to set goals and create development plans gives them their own personal paths to follow and helps to motivate them to push themselves harder at work.

Encourage Personal Projects

Giving your employees time to complete personal projects and encouraging them to take on new things can allow them to build the skills that they think matter the most. Employees often have the best ideas of what skills they need and how to apply them. When they have ideas about skills they will need in the future, they might not have much chance to use them at work now but they can work on personal projects that will help them build the right skills.

Continuous Training

Offering training on a continuous basis keeps your employees’ skills up to date. The right learning management system (LMS) makes it easier for you to deliver your training. You can consider the levels of customer experience offered by the top options to choose the best one.

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