Kitchen Updates That Will Increase the Value of Your Home


Maybe you have decided that it is time to move on from your humble abode. When gearing up for sale, you want to take a look around and see where you can make your most profitable improvements. It will be a hard sale if your home is shabby or outdated.


One of the most lucrative investments you can make in your old home is an updated kitchen. The kitchen is that sweet spot for any potential buyer. By updating your kitchen, you can expect a substantial return on your renovation investment when selling your home. You’ll want to upgrade the pieces of your kitchen that will pay off in the future.


If you watch any of the home improvement shows on television, you will notice that a newly renovated kitchen is an instant hit with buyers.


Before you consider a big home improvement project, think about the parts of your home that can be cleaned or touched up instead. A commercial kitchen cleaning and maintenance service like Hood Cleaning can restore your dingy kitchen to its original glory at half the price. However, if your space is beyond cleaning, there are some comfortable places for you to begin revamping.


Below are several kitchen updates that can increase the value of home:



Utilise the Space Cleverly


Space is the most crucial component for a home buyer – especially for families. It seems as if there is never enough space in the kitchen for anyone’s liking – therefore, space is a commodity that buyers are willing to invest. You can never have enough storage in the kitchen, which is why it should be an essential priority on your kitchen remodelling list.


First, consider the trends popping up in the new homes and which kitchen styles are timeless. Whether they are open or enclosed, shelves offer a valuable storage space and an opportunity for design in a kitchen space. Consider the often unusable or inaccessible spaces in your kitchen – corner units, ceiling space, and wall space. There are kitchen organisers, or space savers, for just about any area you can imagine. Perhaps a stationary kitchen island is out of your budget. Still, it is the perfect addition for your home to maximise space. Consider a moveable kitchen island instead. A moveable kitchen island is a personalised piece in your new kitchen that will wow your buyers, while also being kind to your budget.


Change Your Cabinets


Consider the decade when you bought your home – which outdated trends are still alive and kicking in your home? Shag carpet? A waterbed? Pink walls? Beaded curtains? How about water stained and chipping cabinets? Your cabinets are a great place to bring your kitchen into the modern world. To upgrade your cabinets is far less expensive than a full-scale appliance overhaul, and they can add that splash of newness that we are all searching for in our kitchen.


If you are a handy person, you can remove your old cabinets and do this renovation yourself with a palm detail sander and a gallon of paint or semigloss finish. An incredibly savvy way to update your newly painted cabinets is new hardware, like a recessed ring pull, an intricately shaped bin pull, or bronze finished knobs. Delicate details, such as unique cabinet hardware, can launch an out-of-date kitchen into 2021 with minimal effort or funds.


Add a Backsplash


An intricately tiled backsplash can be a stunning addition to a kitchen – if done correctly. Many older, outdated houses have a half-baked backslash that barely travels a few inches up the wall. Often these backsplashes match the already-installed countertop, or they date the kitchen with peeling, stained or yellowed grout. When you are doing your kitchen renovation, a good backsplash will never go out of style.


A good backsplash is a wise investment because it will protect your walls (a fresh coat of paint never hurt a new kitchen) from the kitchen’s splashes, spills, and excess moistures. A tiled backsplash, like modern glass, mosaic tile, or a white subway tile, adds some style and personality to your upgraded kitchen. There are many styles, sizes and patterns of tile out there, depending on your aim. A new backsplash can be staggered, laid in a herringbone, or formed in a tight uniform to make the kitchen feel spacious, vibrant and brighter to your potential buyers.


Change the Countertop


Along with new appliances, a brand-new countertop can strike the budget pretty hard. However, there are many different countertop materials you can choose. Wood, concrete, marble, tile, and stone are viable options for a new, grandeur countertop. If you speak to a professional about cost-effective countertop makeovers, you could find this upgrade to be more in line with your budget more in you think.


Countertops can change the very presence of your kitchen immediately. A full-scale countertop makeover might also be a project you could tackle on you own depending on the amount of counter space in your kitchen. A new countertop might be the only change you will need to make if you have an inviting aesthetic overall. New countertops are a visual beauty – butcher block has become a fan favourite on home renovation shows, and it is relatively inexpensive (compared to other materials like quartz). If you are not in a position to completely replace your countertop in time to sell your home, consider refinishing your dinged up counters, resurfacing your counters with a different material.


Replace the Lights


It might seem like a waste of time or money, but new light fixtures are essential when updating your kitchen. Remember every little detail counts when you are making these improvements. Upgrading the kitchen lighting can add style, personality and a dazzling quality to your kitchen.


Buyers love a well-lit kitchen – whether it is a lot of natural light, or a globe chandelier hanging over the dining table. You can use the lighting to your advantage to highlight the best assets of your kitchen: illuminate your new butcher block counter with contrasting, dramatic ceiling lights, or install lights in your drawers to enhance their depth.


Try to install smart lighting where you can; this will increase your remastered kitchen’s high-value atmosphere. An intelligent lighting system can go a long way to conserve energy, a significant selling point for new homes. Combine several smart lights throughout the kitchen with a brand new, water-saving sink, and you could have buyers lining up for these cost-effective changes. A nice, well-lit kitchen, with interesting and beautiful light fixtures, will never fail to catch a buyer’s watchful eye instantly.  


Gone are the days where the kitchen is regarded as a space relegated simply for cooking. Instead, the kitchen has been transformed into an open and airy place for gathering. Whether it is a dinner party, an evening chat with the family or the holidays, the grand kitchen has become a new focal point of the modern home.


However, for buyers who are interested in a space to create a culinary masterpiece, an updated kitchen is a massive deal breaker when buying.


There are components of a kitchen that will always be sought after space, excellent storage, and plentiful counter space, to name a few. If you can maximise the necessities of a good kitchen, with a few flares of trendy pieces, you can have a deal-breaking kitchen on your hands.


However, you do not want to push your budget to extreme measures expecting an unreasonable return. You can make tasteful upgrades that will not break your wallet – understand your limits now that you have perused this list.