Know your Options when Selecting Inflatables for Home or Commercial Purpose


In its traditional form, bounce houses are inflatable platforms that allow children to bounce on it relentlessly as a way of entertainment. However, with time, the design of bounce houses has undergone some changes to add more variety. It is more entertaining now with the addition of slides and water slides as well as climbing walls. To more know about the various kinds of bounce houses log on to My Bounce House Rentals website. If you plan to install a bounce house at home, then you must choose between a plain bounce house and a bouncer and slide combo. The latter has all the jumping features, and the slide adds more excitement and fun. Going ahead, you can also install an inflatable residential water slide.

Residential water slides

Residential water slides are for children up to 12 years weighing less than 100 lbs. They are suitable for daily use as well for entertaining kids when you celebrate some occasion at home like a birthday party or some family gathering. Since it is for home use, the material of construction is lighter than commercial inflatable water slides, and it makes the inflatable more affordable. The slides weigh at least 50 lbs and can weigh more depending on the design. You can use the slides with or without water but must ensure that it always remains inflated. When using water, maintain a constant flow at steady pressure to ensure that the equipment remains tight and taught to support the weight of children playing on it.

Here are some other types of inflatables that you can consider.

Moonwalk or moon bouncer

The Moonwalk or moon bouncer is a variant of bounce house that tends to recreate the experience of walking on the moon. Typically it has a bounce floor and simulates the moonwalking experience that increases the entertainment and thrill many more times.

Bounce house slide

As if jumping is not enough, children can get an extra dose of entertainment from bounce house that has slides attached to it. The combo of jumping and sliding creates more thrills that children enjoy the most. This type of bounce house needs larger space for installation because there must be sufficient vertical space to provide the minimum height for the slide to function correctly.

Inflatable slide

The joy of jumping on bounce houses is undoubtedly missing in inflatable slides but sliding along a soft, resilient surface is cool fun that kids find highly entertaining. Designed in the lines of bounce houses, inflatable slides need continuous airflow to provide the trills of rushing down the slide speedily. However, these slides are for commercial purposes only because it requires ample space for operating satisfactorily.

Obstacle course

This category of inflatable bears testimony to the innovativeness of manufacturers who want to enhance the level of entertainment by offering more variety. The obstacle course is a new entrant in the bounce house industry that enhances the attraction of parties as participants challenge one another to overcome the obstacles and emerge the winner.

This too is available for commercial use only as space requirement is much more.