Last Week Was a Big Week for the Houston Animal Community


Last week was an exciting week for the Houston pet community. The fun kicked off on Wednesday with the World Series of Dog Shows and lasted through the weekend with Clear the Shelters joining the fun. We were so happy to participate as a sponsor in both events.

The World Series of Dog Shows is an event that is deserving of its name, with canine performers of all types showing their stuff with their human companions. Taking up the entire NRG center, guests could bring their pooches in full costume to witness events of all kinds. They could go the more traditional route to watch dogs and owners alike proudly prance in breed and obedience judging, or see the high-flyers in the athletic competitions. For guests who were looking for a little something different, they could head to the main stage for dog “dancing” routines and costume contests, where the “costumes” were the dogs’ own fur that was elaborately sculpted and painted. All of the events showed how hard the owners and pups worked for their impressive (and colorful!) debut.

In the center of the arena, vendors of all types were there to meet your every dog-related need, from a cool new leash or costume to an elegant painting of your beloved furry friend. If you were looking to adopt, many rescue groups were also showing off some adoptable pets. While the rest of the world continued catching Pokémon, we were catching glimpses of beautiful dog breeds, both unique and classic, whose appearances ranged from part teddy bear to part horse.

Another area that showed the accomplishments of some hardworking pet lovers was at the dog house competition. For this competition, handy organizations and families built and donated dog houses to be auctioned off. All of the proceeds from this event went to Citizens for Animal Protection, a local Houston animal shelter. We were happy to be the sponsor of this event (and not just because it was a lure for all of the adorable dogs).

On Saturday, we were seeing double while attending both the World Series and Clear the Shelters. Clear the Shelters is a month-long nationwide event that brings shelters and organizations together to “clear the shelters” and find forever homes for adoptable friends, with participating shelters offering low-cost or free adoptions. This event is one of many that aim to get more exposure to thousands of lovable beasts. The event saw almost 47,000 adoptions throughout the United States. In Houston, the past month has brought about 2,500 adoptions, with 751 pets adopted just on Saturday alone! In just the second year of this event, the number of adoptions was more than double that of last year.

We are so incredibly proud to have been a part of both of these amazing events and to be able to see a difference they make in our community and for these animals. As we continue to pick the fur from our shirts, we think that we might need to take a break from meeting dogs for a while. Just kidding!