Learn Basic Spanish in an Instant Using Only an App


With Spanish being the second most used language worldwide, it is a great idea to pick up some lessons and learn a few words. Thanks to the dawn of apps, you no longer need to pay for expensive classes to learn the language. The best way to learn Spanish free is at your fingertips with apps right on your phone. You just need to find the right one. Since finding the correct app can be a bit time-consuming, we found a site online that lists the current most-used Spanish apps.

The List Of Apps For Learning Spanish

Some of them come with handy Spanish translator and some with quite useful lessons. But of course, there has to be the best of the best. So, to make the list even shorter, we tested out the top 10 and picked 3 apps we believe might be the most effective.

Duolingo for fun lessons

Duolingo is a multi-language learning platform that is great for learning Spanish for free. Are you always on the go with little time to spare? No problem! Choose the length of the lessons that work best with your busy schedule. Go for bite-size lessons if you only have a few minutes or choose longer lessons if you have the time. Build your Spanish vocabulary with interactive lessons that include English to Spanish word match, picture-word association and more! Each lesson is designed to feel like a game, making it super-fun to learn Spanish. In fact, each time you complete a lesson you earn a reward, which makes it so much more rewarding and addicting!

Learn Spanish for conversational skills

Practice your conversational skills with Learn Spanish. The focus is to learn common speech with lessons that are highly interactive. Start your first lesson by listening to a conversation between two Spanish speaking people. Listen to common phrases and practice what you’ve heard. Find some Spanish verbs confusing? Get detailed help with verb conjunctions to clear up any questions! Like Duolingo, lessons are designed to be fun. Points are earned for each accomplishment and you can compare your progress with your friends too!

Rosetta Stone for easy learning

Rosetta Stone is known as one of the best language learning software both for beginners and advanced learners! With over 25 years of experience, Rosetta Stone has developed an extremely user-friendly interface filled with tons of amazing features. Spanish is just one of the many languages that are offered. Develop your Spanish vocabulary and participate in interactive conversation simulations to practice your accent. Do you want to practice your Spanish speaking skills on your plane ride to Argentina? No problem! Download lessons to your mobile device and access them offline.

We hope the apps will help you nail down the basics and impress your Spanish speaking friends with your newly acquired vocabulary and conversational skills! Learn at your own pace and in your spare time, without the need to spend money on expensive classes. Learning a new language has never been this easy and fun, with the cool learning tools available any time right in your front pocket. Enjoy.