Legal Advice – What Sellers Should Know


In this interview by Brian Spitz and Kevin Price on KTEK 110 Price of Business, real estate attorney David Smitherman discusses what home sellers need to know before entering into a real estate transaction.


Intro of Big State Home Buyers (0:00)

Introduction of Real Estate Attorney David Smitherman (1:40)

David Smitherman and Associates (2:00)

What Sellers Should Know Before They Enter into a Transaction

David’s Top Couple Suggestions (2:40)

1. Surround yourselves with people who know what they are doing (2:45)

2. Make sure you are comfortable with who you are using (3:20)

3. Make sure that the documents that are being used are professional and accepted in the industry (3:35)

4. Try to use Texas Real Estate Commission Documents (and why) (4:45)

Types of Documents used at Big State Home Buyers

Importance of rapport (6:00)

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