LifeSite: On a mission to help clients securely, simply and efficiently share documents


Technically Speaking Segment: A brief interview with Chris Wong of LifeSite about innovative cloud-based solutions the world should know about.

“Our mission is to inspire and empower you by connecting your head and heart, for your own peace of mind today, and for your family and loved ones tomorrow.”

About the Interviewer:

Moira Alexander is a contributor and co-host of the “technically speaking” segment on the Price of Business Talk Radio (on the BizTalkRadio Network), whom you can learn more about at She recently interviewed Chris Wong of LifeSite (as part of a series of interviews) to find out about innovative cloud-based solutions the world should know about.

About LifeSite:

LifeSite is committed to providing convenient, smart and secure solutions to help individuals, families and “life networks” store, organize and access the most important information in their life, anytime and anywhere. LifeSite combines secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security, to provide safe and smart web-based storage solutions. Based in Mountain View, CA, LifeSite was created to inspire and empower people by connecting their head and their heart – providing personal peace of mind today, and for family and loved ones tomorrow.

About the interviewee:


Chris Wong is not just the CEO and one of the company’s founders, but a user as well. When his dad had a heart attack, and Chris found himself being asked for his father’s medical information in the ER, he was thankful to have everything he needed at his fingertips, securely accessible in his LifeSite Vault. Chris is a veteran entrepreneur and highly-regarded strategist in the enterprise software industry.

From business planning to capital investing, he has advised some of Silicon Valley’s most successful tech companies, and his leadership credentials include Ooyala, Agile Software, PeopleSoft and his first start-up Chris is committed to making LifeSite the trusted leader in delivering smart and safe digital information solutions.

Tell me about the key features of your product or service?

Chris: Our collaborative digital vault helps financial service businesses securely organize, store, and share their client’s’ information, all in one place. With the ability to dynamically manage and securely share personal, legal, financial and medical information, clients are empowered to expand and control information sharing with their trusted advisors, and with their loved ones as well as, across generations.

LifeSite Pro helps clients share their documentation simply and efficiently. We help professionals like wealth managers, insurance agents, and accounting firms streamline their client interactions to provide superior service. Advisors can receive alerts or messages on their clients’ vault activity, enabling them to follow up promptly and assist in filling in any potential gaps in records. The ability to see exactly when a client has viewed or updated a section allows them to keep abreast of client activity and offer help when it’s needed.

What makes your product or service so innovative, and what are the hot button issues it addresses for companies?

Chris: Not only are we helping families by providing secure and organized document storage, with our introduction of LifeSite Pro we are helping businesses collaborate with their clients.  With changing regulations, advisors need solutions to help enhance client engagement and streamline the exchange of information.  We are excited to be addressing a hot-button issue for them!  Businesses can provide LifeSite Pro to clients and their families, which helps deepen engagement; if you don’t know your clients, you can’t give great advice.

At LifeSite we use the highest level of encryption during transmission and storage, and industry-leading security protocols and access, so information entered into LifeSite Pro is actually more secure than paper records. Clients can simply and securely input and update information across a broad array of categories and designate access when ready. Advisors can also enter important policy or financial information, filling the vault with details on behalf of clients and their families. Advisors today are looking for new and innovative ways to expand their businesses. Leveraging the security and family collaboration features of our LifeSite Pro product not only helps advisors but families overall – connecting their heads to their hearts, which has always been our mission from day one.

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Chris Wong, Chairman, and CEO of LifeSite


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