Live Crabs and Goalposts!

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On today’s show of the 3 AM Egos, Show host Kevin Price, Show producer Sigmund Kramer, and I (Dan Shedd) discussed two very different topics.

First topic was about a flight that was delayed by loose crabs in the cargo area of the plane. Yes, little crabs were running around in the cargo area of the plane. Out of all things that delay flights, this one  made the news!  Kudos go out to the Houston Chronicle for this article.

Second story of the day comes from the sports site, Bleacher Report. After the Ole Miss Rebels defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide, which sent shockwaves through the college football world, Ole Miss students who tore down a piece of the goal post carried it through campus back to their apartment. Seeing is believing. Both Kevin and Sigmund couldn’t believe it when they heard it this morning. This is exactly what parents want their children to do while in college, never mind studying for class!

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