Local Rocket Scientist Partners With National Business News Organization


Tom Taormina has just signed a deal to become a contributor and panelist for The Price of Business and US Daily Review headquartered in Houston. He will be a frequent contributor to The Price of Business Radio Show that airs weekdays on KTEK Radio in Houston and streamed live on the web.

Tom has written ten books on business process excellence and enlightened leadership. He will share his experiences from having worked with more than 600 companies, over 44 years, with those who strive to be the next business success stories.
From his 11th book, Foreseeable Risk, he will contribute his unique experiences as an expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence. He will share with business leaders specific examples of how to drive warranty and rework to near-zero levels while immunizing their organizations from liability.
Tom will also contribute to topics of current events from his unique perspective as a former member of the team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center during Projects Gemini, Apollo and Skylab. In his 12th book, It WAS Rocket Science, he reveals the business model of Project Apollo that will help leaders achieve meteoric success utilizing the same processes used to win the space race in less than a decade. Also from the book, he will share the steps to solving impossible problems learned from the Apollo 13 disaster in space.
In his role as a panelist with host Kevin Price, he will participate interviewing national business and media personalities. Recent interviews include Liz MacDonald of FOX News, Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal, Eric Boling of FOX Business and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman.
Kevin Price is Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK, M-F at 7 am CST; a nationally syndicated columnist, a guest on radio and TV shows around the country, author, and Publisher/Editor in Chief of US Daily Review (a national news site). He hosts a video commentary called The Price Point Edition, which is on sites with a combined audience of 30 million a month. He also writes a technology feature for the Huffington Post. He is frequently found on Fox News, Fox Business, and other programs.

Tom Taormina is a long-time resident of Northern Nevada. He is a business advisor and trainer. He served on the Board of NNDA and has worked with UNR, WNC, TMCC, EDAWN and NVIE. He is a co-founder of APEX, the Nevada State Quality Award.