Looking to Gift Flowers to Your Friend? Refer to this Flower Gifting Guide



Flowers make the best gifts and they perfectly convey the feelings. They can convey your mood and your emotions. It may be given to mother, father, friends, colleagues, spouse, beloved or anyone you desire. A flower like rose has the capability to change the mood of the receiver. No matter how hard the quarrel was, you can gift flowers to patch things up. Within seconds, the mood of the person will change. Well, flowers have different meanings; and so, you need to be careful while choosing the flowers. Red is the color of love while white flowers denote peace and purity. If you are looking to send flowers to your friends this time, there are a variety of options in flowers. By sending any of the flowers or group of flowers, you can wish ‘Happy Friendship Day.’ If your friend is very special who stood by you when times were tough, you should gift flowers to him or her, as per flower gifting guide.

Yellow Roses: the Most Popular Flower Gift

Everyone knows that yellow roses stand for friendship. Indeed, it is the universal language of friendship. Many people, on the Friendship Day, offer yellow roses to their best friends. You can also do the same. It represents friendship and also suggests joy, and delight associated with the bond of friendship. You may send yellow roses in a bunch to make the receiver feel loved and special.

Send Iris Flowers to Get a Thank You Call

Iris flowers are another flower gifting option. This flower suggests valor and wisdom. You may deliver Iris in the purple shade or blue, if you want. This flower means that your friendship means a lot. This can simply delight the receiver in no time.

Chrysanthemum to Make the Receiver Feel Special

Chrysanthemum is the flower which is completely symbolic of friendship and care. It was only found in Japan, but now you may send it from anywhere. Use the online portal to find Chrysanthemum and place orders. Friends may exchange beautiful Chrysanthemums to express love and friendship. Since the flower has a beautiful color, it may also be used for the preparation of bouquet. Some of the common and preferred colors are red, pink and yellow.

Daffodils for a New Beginning and a Fresh Hope

William Wordsworth had immense to say about Daffodils in his poem, ‘Daffodils.’ Daffodil is the flower which suggests new hopes, new beginning and rebirth. It is the symbol of true friendship. Having the Latin name ‘Narcissus,’ Daffodil has the shape of a trumpet surrounded by brilliant petals. The flower is popular and beautiful. You may send it to your friend for expressing true friendship.

Similarly, there can be various other flower options. You may also send lilies, orchids and gerberas, considering the kind of friendship you share. All you have to do is keep the level of relationship in mind while choosing the flowers.

Author’s Bio: Rihanna McIntosh owns a flower boutique and requests her clients to buy according to a flower gifting guide.