L’Oreal and Facebook Offering Free Workshops for Beauty in Mexico


With the pandemic having many entrepreneurs reeling, beauty brand L’Oreal and social media giant Facebook are stepping in to help. Global Cosmetics News states that the companies are willing to offer free workshops to entrepreneurs in Mexico. For owners of a local Dermani Medspa or any other franchise-based business, this could be precisely what they need to boost the visibility of their business. Internet usage and shopping within the country have increased massively since the government issued lockdown orders. Many of those homebound consumers are looking at new ways to interact with local businesses. This initiative may aid in reaching out to them.

Positive Social Impact the Goal

The companies underlined that they intend these training workshops to be useful for a wide range of individuals, including influencers, stylists, makeup artists, and dermatologists. With more businesses looking to move into the online space, this is a bold move to help those entrepreneurs find their feet in the online market. The courses will be delivered by Larissa Vega, a specialist for online presence training from the GPSCOM Agency. Entrepreneurs will also be invited to register for Facebook Blueprint, allowing them to access training courses to help them make more of an impact with their digital businesses. Participants will be trained in using messaging (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), digital presence, and Instagram influencing in the digital sphere.

A Wave Of Online Entrepreneurs

Consumers in Mexico are moving online since it allows for a safer buyer experience amid a pandemic. Facebook notes in a report entitled the Global State of Small Business that half of Mexican businesses noted 25% of their sales came from online sources in July. Online shopping is growing in popularity throughout the Latin American country, and entrepreneurs are eager to be at the forefront of this technological wave. L’Oreal and Facebook’s initiative enables these small and medium enterprises to stake a claim in this brave new digital frontier. This initiative also enhances Facebook’s aim to build communities since helping entrepreneurs will also indirectly aid those within the community.

Recovering Businesses

The UNDP mentions that a weak economy coupled with the effects of lockdown has severely hampered the ability of businesses to deal with the pandemic in Mexico. The complications from the virus have left a lot of individuals without a job and entrepreneurs frantically looking for a way to recover lost income. The move into the digital space isn’t just a suggestion. It may be the way these businesses recover.

While it may be a while before the beauty industry in Latin America properly regains its footing, these digital initiatives open a new marketplace up to struggling entrepreneurs. With the right support, these business owners can once again start bringing in money and supporting other members of their community. Helping these less fortunate communities will eventually help the rest of the country overcome the severe economic crunch looming worldwide. It’s heartening to see larger companies like Facebook and L’Oreal, reaching out to the small communities to help them recover.