Love Your House, Save Your Neighborhood: Home Maintenance Tips


We are not like those smart guys who keep all the necessary tools in their waist belts and are always ready to dig in and solve all the issues they see in their house. Acting like such a pro might be difficult for us, so we always end up calling experts like cleaning drains services or plumber services.

However, some tips can help us at least do the first aid services in our home. Our house is our lovely habitat, keeping it clean and well-maintained is obligatory for us. Here in this article, we will find some tips that will help us maintain our house and solve small troubles related to it like a pro. Although calling for professional help is essential if the trouble is big and unresolvable.



Gut The Gutters

Regularly checking the gutter with its proper monitoring is potent, especially, two times a week. A blocked gutter with overflowing water over the debris will not only waste water but will also be a cause of smell in your neighborhood. Creating a problem for both you and your neighbors. Keep checking it regularly. Clean any musk, seal leaky pipes and replace damaged gutters if possible. Tips to handle it yourself are as under.

  1. Use plastic gloves or shovels to clean any debris blocking the gutter.
  2. If water is not draining chances are that the downspout is blocked, use a garden hose into the spouse and unblock it with high pressure
  3. Check gutter joints for any holes. If you spot one handle it yourself by patching up with metal flashing or a gutter patching kit
  4. If in budget try to use quality that doesn’t rust like aluminum gutters


These tips can, hence, help you out in your hours of crisis. Even though calling professional agencies for yearly checkups and maintenance is the most suitable remedy for perfectly working gutters


Drainage And Sewer Cleaning

Drainage and sewer cleaning not only saves you from breathing in a smelly and moist atmosphere but also saves you many other health issues. Some tips that can help you maintain your house drainage issues when you are tight pocket are as following

  1. Add drain cleaning to your checklist, purchase enzyme cleaner and use them regularly to clean drainage lines and pet stains. Use these in the large drain, for which the best choice will be the basement drain.
  2. Minor clogs can be treated at home with the help of snakes. These snakes are cheap to buy. Snakes are the augers that can be used into a drain line and twisting it with little effort can remove the clog.
  3.  Baking powder mixed with vinegar is another home remedy that can be used to unblock a drain line. Mixing these two ingredients undergo a reaction that creates bubbles. These bubbles help scrape grease that causes the blockage.

However, here it should be noted that these tips are just to resolve trivial drain problems. Availing services of professional drain cleaning agencies is imperative in case of serious issues.

Test Your Sump Pump

If you don’t want your basement to overflow with water then check your sump pump located in the basement twice a year. It typically lasts for 10 years, which can even last longer with little maintenance. Tips to cover tiny troubling issues on your own are as following


  1. Check the pump water level regularly. In case of overflow, clean the pump by removing any debris.
  2. Plug and unplug to check the proper working electric power supply in time
  3. Cease the primary pump and test the backup pump functioning ability
  4. Float switches should not be restricted. Check for any factor that can restrict it.
  5. Listen to its voice while it is working. Unusual noise is heard while the motor calls for attention.
  6. Replace the battery on the backup device every 2-3 years.

For more guidance and professional help, keep in touch with an agency well-known for its quality work and credibility.



Indeed, these three house systems are the most essential to maintain and take care of for a homeowner. Any problem with them can create chaos in your house. Keep an eye on their proper functioning and maintain their functioning with the help of the above-mentioned tips.