Maharashtrian Bride Jewelry: A Complete Guide 


Marriage for a Maharashtrian bride is going to be the best day of her life. That’s why wearing the perfect pair of jewelry makes it even more flawless. Remember that marriage is not going to come into your life twice; it’s your chance to be perfect and look good on your wedding day.

From her earrings to mangalsutra, a Maharashtrian bride’s authenticity and culture reflect in her wedding jewelry. Maharashtra is one of the historical places in India known for its bravery and culture. 

Maharashtrian brides, like brides from any other state in India, are seen wearing authentic and vibrant jewelry on their wedding day.

However, if you are going to be a Maharashtrian bride as well, then do remember to wear authentic jewelry that will reflect your culture on your special day. However, make sure that you follow every point in the discussed article before you’re going to attend your wedding. 

So read till the end to find out more about the complete guide to Maharashtrian bride jewelry. 

Must-have Wedding Jewelry for Maharashtrian Brides

Nose pins

Wearing a nose ring represents the pure emotions of being married to a woman in Hindu culture. That’s why it is a must for a woman to wear a nose pin on her wedding day and even wear it after getting married as well. 

However, wearing a nose pin symbolizes paying respect to the Hindu goddess Parvati. 

In a traditional Maharashtrian wedding, brides usually wear a Brahmi Nath. The nose pin will not only represent your pure emotions towards your marriage, but it will also enhance your beauty. 

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Earrings are one of the ornaments that are going to represent a woman’s beauty. As a result, not wearing the latest earrings on your wedding day will not provide you with a flawless appearance on your auspicious wedding day. 

However, remember that flawlessness is only going to come when you choose the best pair of earrings that go perfectly for you.  Make sure to choose and thoroughly research the style before purchasing it. The earrings are called “Kaan,” and they are actually given to the Maharashtrian bride for their traditional wedding.


The necklace a Maharashtrian bride wears on her wedding day is going to symbolizes marital dignity. However, remember that the gold necklace is going to enhance your beauty on the wedding day as well. 

If you don’t choose the right necklace for your auspicious wedding day, it can have a negative impact on your overall beauty. Before purchasing the necklace for your auspicious wedding day, make sure to do some research on how you will look with that necklace. 

It even symbolizes the fact that the necklace is going to promise that the wife and husband are going to stay together for a lifetime. Even some necklaces crafted in gold are also called Mohan mala. It’s worn by a Maharashtrian bride paired with earrings.   


Flat bangles with complex designs called paatlya are worn at the start or in the center of the hirva chooda. Due to its ease of wear and light weight, brides frequently continue to wear these after the wedding. It is going to improve their overall beauty for sure. 

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Look Stunning at Your D-Day with the Beautiful Jewellery

After you have already finished reading the whole article, you can understand how important your jewellery is for your wedding day. If you don’t wear the jewelry that suits you on your wedding day, then it is probably going to impact your flawless beauty. However, if you wear the jewellery that suits you best, you will undoubtedly look stunning in your D-day.