Make More Money By Giving Your Boss Less Problems


Do you want to make more money? We’re talking about real increases in money and not extra pocket cash that won’t get you anywhere closer to the luxury lifestyle you desire. Then, do yourself a favor and forget the side hustles. Kiss the investments goodbye too because unless you actually have some real knowledge of how things like the stock market work, it is essentially just glorified gambling.


Instead of these flimsy options, you should be thinking about how to boost your actual income. We’re of course talking about earning the promotion that will get your pay to the next level and help you climb the ladder to success.


There’s an easy way to do this. You just need to make things simpler for your boss. It’s a guarantee that as soon as you start to prove that you’re a vital asset in business, it will be noticed and rewarded. So, how do you improve the working day of the average boss?


Extra Work?

Yes, you should be willing to take on extra work but the crucial point to remember is that you shouldn’t expect more pay. You shouldn’t get more money just because you ran that extra mile. It should be enough to just help the company and prove that you can be a brilliant asset to the team. So, when extra work arrives make sure you’re the first one to put your hand up. Of course, this shouldn’t just be the random occurrence. Instead, you need to make sure that you are the first one in the office at the morning and the last one to leave. This might eat into your personal time, but in the long term it will pay off. It will be pushing you towards the type of job where you’ll have multiple paid holidays in the year.

Killer Qualifications


If you want to prove that you’re one of the best workers in your business you need to show you have the right qualifications. An online MBA could be the perfect place to start because you can study and gain your degree in your spare time, at the weekend and after work. More than that you’ll be learning the skills and knowledge to help your boss tackle some of the more serious issues of running a company. It also shows both drive and initiative, and that’s exactly the type of person that business owners want sitting in the boardroom. You can then use the knowledge you’ve gained to solve some of the biggest problems facing the company without further guidance.

Secure The Deal

Finally, you need to make sure that you become a closer. A closer is the type of employee that can get any client to sign on the dotted line. How you do this is entirely up to you. Wine and dine them, make them feel relaxed, impress them with your intelligence or just charm the socks off them. The method you use doesn’t matter, but the results will prove that you are ready to take a higher paid position in the company.