Make Your Reselling Business More Profitable By Working Internationally



Many value-added resellers are presently dealing with the frustrations of working in a local market. The competition is high and the clients are few – this oversaturation makes it challenging to run a business let alone grow one. Small and medium sized reselling businesses with aspirations to expand are often forced to remain small. Even if pursuing clients overseas is a possibility, this is quickly stifled once they evaluate the complex process shipping IT equipment across borders involves.

When a process so complicated deters business advancement collectively, what local resellers need is someone with expertise to take over the transaction. Because the job is very multifaceted, resellers could use the services of a dedicated importer who is familiar with a given country’s rules and regulations, and who can guarantee clearance of the goods both quickly and compliantly.


One company called TecEx has realized this unfulfilled need in the industry and has stepped up, offering their services as an importer of record specifically for entities that resell technologies. They alleviate pain points in the process as once they approve their client’s quote, they take full responsibility for customs pre-approval and approval. They have a point of presence in over 120 countries and so bring their experience and knowledge of each country’s legislature to the table.

They will have the ability to prepare all necessary customs support documentation like proof of certifications, licences, permits as well as a mandatory commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill to present to foreign customs. Furthermore, they deliver some of the best lead times; pre-approval is guaranteed within 1-3 days and clearance will be granted 3-7 days thereafter – no delays. This trustworthy service allows resellers to give their clients overseas an accurate ETA every time, which only boosts their own reliability.

Partnering with a strong importer will help resellers deliver on their promises stress and hassle free. It will even save them money in the long term as this importer offers value-added tax returns from 40 of the countries with which they work with frequently. This allows even small businesses to go global without having to worry about sinking, as TexEx solves major pain-points in IT importing, and allows you to get your import VAT refund quickly and without any unnecessary hassles. You can access their online portal to learn every detail of your shipment — from DDP quotes, to taxes, duties, and brokerage costs, direct quote for 136 countries in one click. As many quotes as you like.

If you have a package you require shipped to difficult places like China for example or Russia, give partnering with this global importer of record a try. Clients working internationally are searching for dependable resellers; they want the equipment they’re leasing to arrive on time without costing them unforeseen fees.

When it comes time for a local reseller to leave stagnant waters behind, they must first expand their network and international clients should be top priority. However, when working globally, it’s important to deliver prompt clearance every time and supersede their new clients’ expectations.